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How to increase the level of concentration?  



Any special Formula?

6 Answers

First of all, pen down your goals and make up your mind that you will stay determined no matter what. Break down the task into 2-3 chunks and decide that how much time you need to devote for  the completion of half or 1/3rd of it. Switch off your phone and keep away from all the distractions like television,laptop etc. Write down a reward of your choice for the completion of half or one third of the work. Once you accomplish the task,you can reward yourself. Also,meditation or self introspection calms down our nerves and increases our level of concentration. Inhale confidence,Exhale doubt. Oxygen reaches the brain and makes its proactive when we do breathing excercises.It makes us physically active and mentally relaxed thus increasing our concentration power.

Wow…I’ll try this

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Okay. So it is easy for the mind to concentrate and focus when it knows the path to the concerned project. 

1) Jot down the steps of the task. 

2) Set deadlines for each task and try to abide by it. 

3) Before starting, give yourself 5 mins. Close your eyes and meditate. Just take time to remove other thoughts. And gather your energy towards the work. 

Hope this helps you 🙂


You can increase your concentration by trying the following steps.

1.) Get yourself motivated and inspired everyday.

2.) Keep goals- long term as well as short term.

3.) Don’t get distracted by any means.

4.) If you feel that you’re getting distracted, remember your goals.

5.) Do smart work along with hard work.

6.) Indulge yourself into yoga and meditation. Do at least for 10 minutes.

7.) Have a good sleep.

8.) Read more and good books. 

9.) Pen down your goals, things by which you get inspired, things which encourage you and read them whenever you feel low. 

This are the things which will help you in a more or less way in increasing your concentration.


Meditating is one of the many ways how we can increase out concentration.

It does help.


yeah! You should definitely give it a try. It will work !

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1. Set shortgoals, dont foxus on long term goals

2. Think of a smarter strategy to achieve the smart goals.

3. Then try to attain solitude.( You can do this by starting at an agarbati without a drop of thinking in your mind)

4. Medidate and focus on one single object

5. Try to read story books for a longer period of time

6. Put away your distractions from you.

7. Dont feel demoralised and stay motivated

8. Have a good energy.


Hope this helps.



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