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If someone doesn't know English, are they uneducated?  




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English is just a language that is very widely accepted around the world by people from different professions,cultures,backgrounds and status. The false stigma of people not knowing English to be considered as uneducated is because of the above fact. 

It doesn’t make a difference what is the person’s mode of language for education, the person is educated. 


Not at all. If a person clears upsc in Hindi medium, is he uneducated? It’s just that English is widely used and few think speaking in English makes them educated and civilised which isn’t not at all correct.



That’s not true. Being educated is not about knowing English. Anyway, it’s your wish whether you want to learn english or not. Even if you are fine with your native language you are still considered educated provided you have had the rest of the education.


Definately they aren’t, but maybe the work would consider them uneducated.

It’s mainly because knowing English (which is widely accepted all over the world) should be familiar to each person.


That is just inaccurate.  English is only a language, knowing it or not will not determine one’s worth as an educated person.  

It’s like saying all Europeans are illiterate because they don’t know German or Italian.  

Education is only dependent on your knowledge.  Languages are a totally different matter. And yes,  there is quite a bias between English medium and say,  Hindi medium in our society. But no matter what language you are studying in, the only thing that determines your literacy is your knowledge.  


No, they just don’t know English. Simple understanding.


No. Absolutely not. I don’t understand why people are getting so influenced by the west , that a person if unable to adapt that culture is declared uncivilized and uneducated or a person with low standards, knowing english is needed today but its not mandatory, your knowledge is not reflected by your speaking skills.


This question is my personal favourite. Firstly who decided the parameters of being uneducated? We have a big degree and have been working for big multinational firms but whenever we see any helpless person on the road we just turn our backs, now that is where all of your fancy education goes to waste. It’s not about knowing or not knowing English, it’s about how we incorporate what we have learnt in our lives over the years. 

Uneducated are the ones who think that non-English speakers are below anyone.

Do not ever let anyone decide for you. Decide for yourself. 

Tanu Priya


No. They just don’t know that language. Your education cannot be determined by the language you know or do not know. 


You should have knowledge to be educated. Now that might be in any language one prefers.


Not at all, literacy doesn’t mean that the person should know how to read and write English. It is the widely used language, no doubt about that but to use it as an indicator for literacy is wrong. Even the UN doesn’t just follow English, it has many other languages too, as not all world leaders are fluent in English and that doesn’t mean that they are uneducated.

If we call the person ‘uneducated’ simply by judging the fact that they don’t know English, remember they can also call us ‘uneducated’ if they are well-versed in a language which we may have never even heard of.


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