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Is it neccesary to do internship ??  




No its not. It is purelt our choice whether we want to or not.

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Yes, I Like it.but your choice 



Internship are a great platform to learn new things and to grow yourself. This helps us to know our shortcomings. They teach us to manage things . And plus we get immense experience.

The other advantage of internship is that it gives us certificate to add in our resume. This hikes up the chance of getting the job we apply for.

At the end , it is your choice. But i i wi definitely suggest you to do an internship.

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0 is not as much necessary for us helping in our career.It is just our preference if we waant to do it or not.Internsship teaches us practicality and also make us understnad the value of time and completing our assignment before a certain deadline.It depends on our choice whether we want to get the benefits of it or work in the industry like a new commer in all manners.


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