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[Sticky] Let's create a story.  

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The idea is, I will start a story and you will have to resume the story from there.

Do anyone want to begin the story or shall I do?

The story begins when a boy started go to school aftr 10 years a boy learned how to make friends.. Aftr dat the boy treating all of his friends as his own brothers and he s helping dem em ever dere n truble but everyone going cheat him evn though boy helped em ever dey needed but dat boy blaming himself nly but he s my blaming others fr dat and everyone started hating him evn though he love dem everyone he can’t study well his brain s some wt abnormal so everyone s blaming him dat he s waste.. That boy dint take it seriously.. He taken dose things postivly finally he reached his goal.. We can see dat his attitude self respect nly saved him 

Finally moral s slfrespect and attitude s more important n any situation


Okay so this example of unconditional love is seen by all but I am leaving it up to you to guess ………

There are people who say love can move mountains. This might not be physically possible, but Jatin, also known as the ‘Mountain Man’, came quite close. In one day of his life, his wife fell while crossing a nearby hill and hurt herself seriously. She needed quick medical assistance, but that wasn’t possible due to the hill that isolated their small village from the next town. Tragically enough, his wife died from serious injuries before Jatin could do anything about it. It was the night when Jatin decided to carve a small path through the mountain in order to give his village easier access to medical assistance.

It was an ambitious plan and he was heavily ridiculed for it. But after working for 22 years with the greatest determination and willpower, a path was carved into the hill. Even though he was initially mocked and ridiculed for his mission to give his hometown easier access to the nearby town, he finally succeeded. His life’s work helped to reduce the distance between the two towns from 55 km to only 15 km so that never again such a thing would happen.

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Thanks @Medha

Now lets get going.Here’s my part of the story.

So as I turned to a florist shop suddenly a boy came if front of my car and got hurt.When I came out to look at him he was there on the ground unconscious.I took him to the hospital and waited there while the doctor was doing a check up.He was still unconscious and i was really getting late to meet my best friend.But the doctor told me I can’t leave until he won’t come to his senses. After an hour, that boy opened his eyes but what happened next  just gave me a shock…


His eyes were those of a cow’s. I thought Newt Scamander was kidding, with that, ” You have got Salamander eyes”. But then I realized, people do have weird eyes or maybe thoughts, I guess. Anyway, I asked whether he was fine and informed the doctor, that he has regained consciousness. He checked his vitals and everything was normal ( except for that cow’s eyes). I struggled a lot to keep that comment, within me, as I enquired about his whereabouts and informed his family. Then I was on my way. Still, I can’t get that cow’s eyes out of my head. :()

You are great at this.

You literally won it .. no replies at all


And then that lady adjusted her spectacles and looked at me very carefully. May be she wanted to remember me. I waited for her to ask me any question, but, to my surprise she walked inside. I followed her immediately.

Inside the room, I saw a wall which was full of pictures of the entire family of that old man. I started looking at all those photos in order to connect anything that I can. Meanwhile, that lady moved out of the room and gave me a glass full of water. I was thirsty and confused. I drank water and quenched my thirst……….

i kept my empty glass down and i saw her staring right at me “you look like him” she whispered. “like who ?” i asked and she looked away. for a moment i thought she was in deep thought staring away in the darkness recalling someone when i stared at that direction and my eyes adjusted to the dark. i saw a big photo of that man, the woman and me. i shuffled awkwardly and took a few steps back and i as i was preparing an escape the glass fell down. The lady suddenly became alert of her surroundings and stared at me her old humble eyes suddenly had revenge. 


while she pierced me with her eyes. i heard a loud thud of the door closing behind me. “she flashed her toothless smile and asked are you planning to leave ?” i stammered and said “no”. “she said good”. she snapped her fingers and suddenly all the lights went off and the candle lit itself up. a chair appeared out of nowhere and i was pushed to sit on it. 

when i recovered from the push i decided to run but my legs refused to do so. i saw a plate of cookies and two cups of tea on the table and she asked me to eat. a forced kindness was all she could manage and i was pushed into a force submission. she stared at me as i gobbled up the cookies one by one. i felt she was smiling beneath the shadow. “she adjusted her spects and said. they both passed away in a car crash a few years ago and i am the only one looking after this old house, its good to have a company after such a long time and that too a familiar one”.


I am going to start a story. Here I go. 

It was a dream . No it a reality. No it is a dream. Anyways. The sky is beautiful and thesun is shining bright. I am getting ready to meet my best friend today who have returned from abroad after 3 big years. I can not tell you how much I have missed her. She was not here with me last month when I got engaged and have not met the love of my life. But today it is our day and only we both are catching up. I am thinking of picking up some flowers for her on the way…

And here’s my continuation

And on my way to the florist,  I came across an old man who was crying bitterly at the corner of the street.I went to him and asked him the reasons. He suddenly stood up held my hand tight and dragged me to the car beside the tree. Then a man in the car opened the door and dragged me in, pulling out a cloth from his pocket….

My continuation to the story

I felt very scared. I dint know what to do next. I dint have my phone in my hands to contact any of my friends or family. The man who dragged me in covered my mouth with the cloth which did not allow me to shout out loud. I tried out various ways in escaping myself but nothing worked out. 

I continuously prayed God to help and show me a chance to escape. Finally God answered my prayers. I saw one of my friends, Kamesh passed by. I tried waving my hand so that he could see me. Luckily, Kamesh saw me and came running to help me out. He helped me escape from those people and helped me feel safe. Then we enquired about who those people were and found out that they were few kidnappers who are present at all parts of the city who usually kidnap people and ask for money. 

Kamesh dropped me till my friends place and told me to be careful. But later I found out very weird, that was……..

Wow the story is so interesting


Let me give it a try.

“It’s good to have a company after such a long time and that too a familiar one,” said the old lady.

I was more confused than ever but more than that I was scared. I decided to have a look again around the house to find an escape route because I didn’t want to die in that haunted house. I even thought of calling someone for rescue but then I realized that my purse and phone had also disappeared. I was helpless…



“D-Do I know you?” A slow chill slithers its way down my spine.

“Come now dearest, do you really not remember me?” Her coarse voice felt like nails scraping on a chalkboard.

She took a long sigh. “Or maybe you don’t want to, eh?” She tilted her head slightly and looked at me. Something about her voice, her demeanor felt familiar now.

Familiar, yet so distant.

She took a slow, deliberate step towards me. Then another. I couldn’t move, God knows how much I wanted to run, but I couldn’t.

But it wasn’t just fear anymore. There was another feeling mixed in there, a feeling I couldn’t quite grasp.

The house was old and decrepit, and the moonlight streamed inside from within the cracks. It illuminated her face, and for a minute she looked younger, healthier.

That face…

It couldn’t be…

The memories came gushing back to me. Those old scars I had locked away for so long. The kind of trauma you lock inside a box and throw into the abyss, hoping they can never crawl their way back inside your life.



I recognize it now, this feeling mixed with my fear. I remember it all too well. This hatred, this disgust. This sensation which makes Dante’s hell seem paradisiacal.

And I remember her now.

M-Mother?” I say.

Please continue… 

That’s so good

good one


the story continues-

He sat on his bed and called me by my name. I went near him and asked him, ” How do you know me?” He seemed astonished even more than me. “Don’t you remember me?” he asked. I was blank and forcing myself to recognize him and then a name striked me, “Rahul?”. His face glowed with happiness. He was the topper of my class in my college times around 4 years ago. He seemed to be completely changed from a Nerd to a super handsome man. ” How are you here, in my town?”. “Just came to complete some work that I did not have the courage to do a few years ago”. “what??” “Will you give me some of your precious time to show you my love for the lady?”





The night was young, a certain stench was in the air. The air was thick with smog, smoke slowly rising up to the spires that covered the sky. Vehicles passed through the twisted roads, some slowly moving and others flashing by, streaks of red and yellow lights to those who couldn’t afford them.

Thomas was his name. He was staring at a window, partly looking at his own shabby coat and partly staring at the brilliant jewel that reflected it.

(please continue)


hey that was pretty good

good one


Your wish


I shall continue the story. 

On the way to airport, the flower shop caught the vision of my eyes and decided to buy some. While I was walking up suddenly my phone began to ring, making up the callertune noise with a known number. I received the call and surprisedly looked around,  there was a black BMW car stopped right in front of me. Opening the glass door, a voice came out in arrogance “Get In”…. 

Thank you swetha, but you have to continue the story from where i have left it. Did you get me.



good continuation


Let me give it a try.

After an hour, that boy opened his eyes but what happened next  just gave me a shock.The boy had lost his memory and he was not able to recognize anybody or himself.I got so stressed that I was not able to think of anything. My best friend was waiting for me and was stuck in a mess. The doctor told me that this could be a case of partial amnesia. I was not getting what to do next so I decided to take that boy along with me.But this thing was not that easy as I have thought…







OK I got it. @Spraveen

I heard the boy call out my name so suddenly out loud  when he opened his eyes without any delay. It was a moment that kept me speechless with a shocking experience. Pile of questions began arising in my mind with a feeling of uneasiness as why he called out?? Did he actually know me??     Then I decided to go near him and was about to see him,by then doctor who was near him for check up told me that “Due to the hurt caused near his head, much of his blood got washed away and the patient fell fast asleep due to high tension. But before he fell asleep, he told you to run away from this place as soon as possible.” This made my day with full of chaos and finally decided to continue my schedule of meeting my friend with a bit of relaxation.

nice try.


nice one


But this thing was not that easy as I have thought.He was not convinced to go with me and he was behaving wildly. Somehow I convinced him and he agreed to go with me after a lot of pleading and several tries.I went to the restaurant where my friend was furiously waiting for me.I was late by two hours and she was definitely not going to forgive me that easily.After meeting her we went to our house. Now i was wondering what to do about my  unexpected problem (the boy with his lost memory)…


good try


now continuing the story….

Now i was wondering what to do about my unexpected probem……. So as i opened the door , the guy hopped in and sat on the big black reading chair. My friend asked me  who he was and i told her what happened while i was coming to meet her. So, we decided after having a small snack we will go to the police station and report if anyone knows him. I asked him if he wanted to eat something and he says”ohh Jasmine !! dear you are pregnant, why are you making a meal..just leave it up to me” . I was shocked because that was my real freaking name and i never told him about that. Although, he made food for us and I kid you not it was delicious. Then I asked him if he wants to take a walk with us and he nodded. So I locked the door and went to the police station but when we reached there we got to know that….


really nice. 👍 


Nice one




So I locked the door and went to the police station but when we reached there we got to know that…there was no missing complain about anyone. Then finally we filed a complaint and went back to home.Me and my friend decided that unless we don’t get any clue about his identity we will be keeping him with us and nevertheless he was a good cook too.Two days passed but we still didn’t get any information about him. In all this mess what was I supposed to do next and next morning something happened….



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