Let’s Create Poetry…

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[Sticky] Let’s Create Poetry.  

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With the National Poetry Month Going on and #napowrmo19

Let’s create Poetry on prompts.

If this is truly a writers’ community then let’s bring the creativity on.

Prompt: Eyes.

With emerald green mischievous eyes.

Teasing me in broad daylight. 

New prompt: Tragedy.

Let’s see if we can come up with something.

how to pin your questions ??

104 Answers

One prompt each day.

Prompts so far:

  1. Eyes
  2. Tragedy
  3. Pain.

 For the week starting tomorrow,

  1. Joy
  2. Fingers
  3. Hope
  4. Lust
  5. Skies
  6. Dance
  7. Escape. 

thats reall good

good one

Thats nice


“They sparkle, They glitter,
and they tell us a tale.
A tale of how Emerald,
came to be so pale.”

I really hope it’s ok.

Oh my goddd 

The last line was truly beautiful. Honestly out of words.

You are amazing❤️

Thank You, it really means a lot to me.

This is beautiful!


Pale as the colour of helplessness.

Of your skin that hides away

Decades of bruises and ache

Unleashed by your own.

And yet you stand right there,
trying to act all innocent.
Who do you think you’re fooling,
definitely just yourself.
Cause there’s no one in this world,
who doesn’t know the story of – 
The pretty emerald pearls.

The pretty emerald pearls

That hide beautifully immeasurable pain.

That are forged by men with brave hearts

And Souls of pure heaven.

If only you knew!

This pretend will eventually fall doomed.

Just know love,

Then you’ll find me here for you.

For your Emerald eyes that tease me in broad daylight,

Do not hide the want for a better life.


Help us.

Create something to be continued.



Prompt: Fingers

Intimacy in tender touch 

Of your finger tips

That trace their way

to the delicacy of my wildest desires

Ecstasy fills the curves 

Of your delicate fingers

As they move in slow motion.

Vulnerability in the moments after

That forge nameless relationships

And Faceless ties 

That remain silenced

 yet somehow buried alive

 All the chaos of disturbing reality

Comforted by the mere imagery

Of our fingers entwined .




wow awesome poetry

That’s really amazing and just speechless about your poetry



Those eyes that would linger on me, 

Would send shivers down my spine,

There were doors i contemplated opening, 

or  wondered if I should close down mine, 

An emerald pool I wished to swim in, 

Oh, how many joys I could find. 

Me shivering, them simmering, 

With a tinkling warmth which I wish was mine.

The brightness to my brown, 

The mischief to my naught, 

A pair of opposites – divine. 



A bond like that of a heart to mind.

yeah thats good one

Yeah that’s really nice I like it


I wish I could read them,

Those deep green pools. 

A bucket of emotions both his and mine.

I wish I could figure out, 

What he wished me to find.

Those eyes, they kept teasing me,

In the broad daylight. 

thats good

Is poetry your hobby it is just marvelous…

This is so beautiful! 


Prompt: Tragedy.

Ache of the broken  heart

Cries went unheard 

Defeated to the might of circumstances 

Destiny as it plays against innocence 

Swollen red eyes and drained cheeks

Soaked heavy Collars 

That tell the tale of Tragedy

yes thats really good


I think only those will understand who have gone through it by the way nice poetry

yes that’s good . Even I also think that mostly those will understand well who gone through it…


Prompt: Pain.

Sufferings immesurable,

Wounded lives

Tired minds that seek refuge

Knowing there’s absolutely no escape

Through the traumatising agony

And this feeling called Pain.

How do you think these is amazing poetry ….they just what  do I say …just speechless 

wow good one again..it’s just super.

Really good


prompt : pain

pain, pain, pain,

you fall like rain,

excess of you drenches my veins,

go away pain, pain, pain.


yeah thats really good one

It’s amazing poetry something that expresses our feelings

nice one


Those dark eyes that see the night,

How long will they linger?

Will you lose your sight

In this darkness

Will you be able to

Handle the light?

Trust me it’s very nice poetry

So beautiful <3



I could only wish I wasn’t this bad lol. I think I need to work on finding a lover or some pain. 

Are you kidding me?

That was truly beautiful.

 You are amazingly talented❤️

yeah thats really funny and awesome

Oh you compared  lover with pain that’s nice …I agree with this…


I tried to save myself

Still I drowned

Its strange, I can’t stop myself

From sinking deep and down


good one

 Your Poetry has a deep meaning…. It’s nice


Prompt: Tragedy

She doesn’t has all the things in the world

And yet she was happy

Her smile was genuine

Her wings were ready

But destiny has other plans for her

Before she can start her first flight

She was struck by a tragedy



yeah thats a good one

Oh that’s lovely but what was that  tragedy…..

good one dude


Prompt: Eyes

Today was a special day

She was draped in red and gold

Everyone assumed that she was ready to start her journey

She has a smile on her face

Everyone thought she was happy

But the emerald pools of her eyes told a different story


A story unheard

One with evil and kind

that call out the very consciousness of the mind

A story suppressed and burried

Under the pile of unrealistic misogny.

A Story of Survival

A Story of Ache

A Story of unending pain

Your each poetry has some lines untold they are really amazing

yes good one

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