lets play “never ha…

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lets play "never have i ever"?  



lets play “never have i ever”?

i will start- never have i ever cheated on a person

Try not to. 🙂

6 Answers

Never have I been on an airplane   🙃 

Don’t worry you’ll be soon. All the best


Never have I ever been arrested.


sure! never have i ever done anything without creating a mess xD

You seem to do it great on Huntends though  😍  😉  😊 


Never have I ever gone on a trip with friend.

But willing to experience this😀



Never ever I have been out of my home town without my parents. But want to experience it soon.

Dont worry!!

even i haven’t experienced it. wish we do experience it real soon:)

You must. It would help you learn a lot. 


Never have I ever been satisfied with my work 😑  🙄  😶 


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