Let’s play spin the…

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[Sticky] Let's play spin the yan  

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Rules : 

I’ll start with a line the next one has to write another like making sense and like that we have to make a story . Let’s see what is the output 😅.



lines : 

It was late that night when my door bell rang…

It was late that night when my doorbell rang, I could hear some muffled voices coming down from the bed…

After opening the door.I find a girl seeking for help.

 And finally I wake up… 😂

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I came running to open the door with lots of tension in my face

There was no one at door my heart beat was high and suddenly

fell onto the ground and there was blood spilled all over the place.

When I turned around I saw lady with her feet turned around… She was approaching me…


It was late at night when the doorbell rang

stood there a rabbit with vampire fangs. 



The rabbit ran and i followed. I guess curiosity always did get the best of me. The rabbit went down a rabbit hole, just like in Alice in wonderland. I wasnt sure if I would fit, but i tried.

Flesh was its hide, 

It grinned so wide,

Let out a low whine, 

Sent a chill up my spine.


and when I went outside to check there was a small basket in which there was a kitten placed in and a letter . The letter started with a request that please take of mrs groovy as I am not able to take her proper care and I also know that you are pet lover .. so plz take care of mrs groovy .. and then I took the kitten in my room and there I played with her and we both live happily even after


It was late that night, when my doorbell rang,

There was man who stood there in raincoat, he was drenched from the rain water,

He said, ” May I come in ? ” 

Ms. Vaishnavi Gangadhar // Don’t forget to give a upvote!


It was late that night when my doorbell rang and someone was knocking very hard and I was a little scared to open the gates.


When i opened i saw my friend standing outside in a very bad situation 

I saw a girl seeking for help.


It was raining and a man stood there, all soaked, looking like he needed help.

And i decided to help him but later something bad happened 

When I reached near him, It realized it was a woman dressed like a man.

She looked like a famous celebrity but difficult to recognize because of her simple appearance.










i woke up and reached my cellphone to see the time.





I wondered that who can be knocking so late 


There was a man covered with blood all over his body I was terrified.



i got afraid and get back to sleep my sleep is more precious than anything.no compromise with sleep 

Hitik Mall


There was a boy standing in front of the door. Shabby clothes and untidy hair.


And there where two strangers standing right infront of me with an empty bowl.


  • It was late that night when my doorbell rang…  I went to open the door …. a bit tensed… As I opened the door… I couldn’t believe the sight that I saw.. there was a lamborghini parked outside my house with a label which said get the keys and have fun wid her😁



I was thinking who could it be


It was late at night when the door bell rang, 

It was Pizza delivered by Lisa mag,

I was at the top of the world, For it was a blessing in disguise,

For I woke up to my dream, I was in gaiety paradise.


That’s actually very good!

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