P. V. Sindhu or Sai…

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P. V. Sindhu or Saina Nehwal.  



According to you who is best, Sindhu or Saina?

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2 Answers

Both are amazing players. Not comparing.


Well, in my personal opinion, The golden period of Saina Nehwal is over! I mean, her *Peak* is gone. She is never going to be that good, again. Also, she is not young anymore.

Now, coming to PV Sindhu. She is young, energetic, possesses a very balanced game. She is yet to be at her peak, she is growing and playing a superb game.

In my opinion, at this very moment, PV Sindhu is better than Saina Nehwal.

PS- No offense to Miss Saina Nehwal. She is a legend and responsible for the upliftment of the game in India. I have massive respect for her. But, Sindhu is the next big Thing. Also, Ashwini Ponappa is someone to look after in coming years

Well said. Seems to be you have a good knowledge in Badminton right…!


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