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What kind of music lifts you up when you feel sad?  



They say music heals everything. Which music does that to you? 

Mood and emotions vary from time to time. So the music tgat can heal me in a particular scenario depends on the emotional state I am in. Though generally songs about life and friendship help lift my mood.


6 Answers

There is no specific genre that helps at times I’m feeling low. My mood lightens by listening to my then favourite song!


Slow or rock music . 


Soothing music lifts up my mood instantly. Specially instrumental music.



Slow, peaceful music cures my soul.


The music which has exceptionally good lyrics and slow music, tends to lift my mood up. Though it doesn’t affect much on my mood but yes, a bit of my mood is uplifted by listening to such music.


I usually listen to slow sad songs in order to cry. Crying makes me feel better.


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