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What was your favourite subject in school?  

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My favorite subject was and still my favourite that’s science subject 

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Physics. it teaches how to use your knowledge to solve practical problems.


My favourite subject in school was always English, even up until my +2, when I was introduced to my subjects individually in the social sciences, I still found it to be my favourite. I did prefer my Political Science and History teachers over my English teacher, but my passion for the subject never faded. 


My favorite subject was English and Psychology!



Mine was maths, I find it interesting and logical, actually I m not a bookworm type of person , I can’t cram, so I found maths my type of subject.

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My favourite subject in school has been biology.I like to know how our body works and how the different systems work in a co-ordinated manner.I like to know about animals and plants and all the other lives and creatures that God has developed.Its interesting to know about it.




At different points of school life, I had different subjects as my favorite. Actually, it depended on the subject teacher. That subject used to become my favorite whose teacher was really good.
So, in my primary days, Hindi was my favorite subject. My Hindi teacher used to take great efforts in making class interesting. Her classes made me fall in love with Hindi at a very early age.
When I went to secondary classes, a transition happened. From Hindi, I turned to Maths, all credit goes to my brilliant Maths teacher. Her approach to teaching was bang on. She used to make her students solve questions by themselves. She emphasized on practice. Gradually, I developed obsession for the subject. I used to practice Maths problems for hours and hours in home.
When I went to IX standard, my favorite Maths teacher got transferred. Her void was filled by my new Hindi teacher. Brilliance is an understatement for her. She had a je ne sais quoi factor about her. My hidden love for Hindi rejuvenated in her classes. She made me fall in love with ourstanding Hindi literature. Her classes were a turning point in my life. I decided that I would do something related to languages in life, hence now pursuing Mass Communication.
For a matter of fact, Chemistry also remained my favorite for 2 years in +1 and +2.


My favourite subject is school was English. I even topped my state in ISC with a percentage of 95 in English. It still is my favourite subject and my expertise, sth I’d like to pursue if all fails.

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oh Woow even I loved english in school and I scored a 96 in the subject.


I always loved psychology, even when I was not introduced to it as a discipline in our course I always ha this thought how we think what we think and why we react as we react


English literature. I was fond of stories ever since childhood. It gives an opportunity to express self , there is no boundary , no rigidity. Literature connects with heart.

Sneha thakur


My favourite subject is biology.


My favourite subject in school was Math. I loved it mainly because I was really good at it and could understand it really well. I could always solve the sums really fast and learn better and faster than most of the others, and I guess in school I enjoyed the feeling of being superior at something. Which is probably why I loved Math so much.


Social science used to be my favourite subject.



School is the most important part of every child’s life.  We learn, we play and we grow in school and because of school. This once a lifetime experience leaves us with many memories

School teaches us a lot of things – from language to science , from dance to sports , etc. We go from basics to Advance over a course of time. And during this time , we eventually take one subject as our favorite subject. 

During school my favorite subject was science. I use to love reading new things about it. Textbook never satisfied me with the knowledge , i kept on reading more. My science teacher was very pleased with me. Today , i am doing medicine and i won’t deny that the roots of my decision were grown somewhere in the science that i learnt in school.

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