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[Solved] What's your idea of a perfect date?  




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My perfect date is ideally staying at home, in bed in comfortable clothes, binge-watch Brooklyn Nine Nine as we have Chinese and then later read to each other pieces from our favourite books, cuddle and then fall asleep next to each other.



Perfect Date? That’s funny because there is no such thing as perfect date. How a date will go depends on the people who are in that date. Every one enjoys different things. For example, some people go to movies for dates whereas some go to restaurants. It completely depends on the person who is planning the date.

The perfect date is the date that both of you enjoyed together and you both had so much fun that you will remember it forever. There is no other explanation of perfect date. Well at least I think so.

Perfectly put! Couldn’t have agreed more.


According to me, the first date is never the perfect one. A perfect date is one without any pressure. It is comfortable. no stress of impressing the person in front of you. it could be a walk in the park, a date in a cafe or staying in and watching a movie. 
you enjoy each other’s company and make each other laugh. 
That’s what I want from my perfect date.  



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