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When was the first time you went theatre to watch movie and name of the movie?  



Mine was Ghajni when i was 10 years old. What about you?

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If we look back in our life we find a whole thick book with a lot of different chapters containing an ample of memories in it. This one ‘My first movie’ is also one of the best chapters in the beautiful book of my life.

I still remember that I had never been to theatre since my  childhood to the time when I took admission in college. New life, new friends and new environment. I was not very fond of watching movies in theaters. It was my best friend’s  birthday and he wished for going to a movie with all the friends. I, not liking the plan very much denied him  to go. So as we all know that what kind of people our friends are they strategically took me to the theatre.

That was the day I remember,15th January, 2017 when I first went to a theatre and the movie I watched there was ‘OK Janu’. Though the movie was below expectations but it is always said that ‘Together with your  friends every  moment is golden’. That was a beautifully spent day of my life. 


 The first time I went theatre to watch movie was on 2002 and the name of the movie is Samurai.


 The first time I went theatre to watch movie was on 2002 and the name of the movie is Samurai.


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