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Which khau Galli is famous in Mumbai?  

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Which khau Galli is famous in Mumbai?

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Chembur Khau Galli.

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Carter Road Khau Galli

Cool sea breeze, young crowd and a great vibe – the Carter Road Khau Galli near the Bandra promenade offers more than just great food. Packed with famous street food joints and small eateries that serve up an explosion of flavours and textures, this Galli’s star attraction is the ubiquitous shawarma. The stalls also offer a wide range of other culinary delights, such as momos, falafels, wok-fried Chinese preparations, and spicy, lime sprinkled corn on a cob. Don’t forget to dig into scoops of frozen yogurts, sweet cupcakes or freshly made waffles for dessert.

Must try places:

  • Carter’s Blue
  • Kepchaki Momos
  • Lassi Te Parrontthe



 Right next to the Ghatkopar Station is the Ghatkopar Khau Galli, which is extremely famous for its variety of dosas. The street food’s vendors take innovation and fusion a notch higher; the Ice-cream Dosa and the Thousand Island Dosa are truly creative and fancy. But if you want to go with a safer bet, try their JiniDosa and Sai SwadDosa, or go for the evergreen favorite, pav bhaji.


While Tardeo’s Khau Galli is overshadowed by the popularity of the iconic Sardar restaurant’s butter-smeared Pav Bhaji, there is a lot more to discover for the ultimate foodie. For a cheesy and quick, spicy snack, check out Mamaji’s Grilled Sandwiches, while non-vegetarians check out the shawarmas and mutton biryanis at the local joints.

Khau galli in  the heart of Mumbai and offers lip smacking street food in the city. Khau  means treat and Gallo means street. Most famous is carter road khau galli famous for chinese. SNDT to cross maidan khau galli is second which is best for late working hours.


2 Chembur Khau Galli is famous in mumbai for Punjabi and Sindhi dishes.


So se all know Mumbai’s kahu galli are one of the most growing places, and these are famous for there mouth watering snacks in the street food of this city

So i have mentioned the free of them

1 Ghatkopar Khau Galli

This one is best for Dosa , and other South Indian dishes.

2 Chembur Khau Galli

This is known for the best punjabi tadka food with rice day tadka and many more stuff

3 Mohammed Ali Road Khau Galli

This place it the best for non veg lovers filled with chicken tikka , fluffy naans kebabs

So get to these places and enjoy your meal !!!!

Cheers 🍻

Happy Reading !

Thanks for giving locations.


Mumbai, the financial capital of our country also known for its street food. Vada pav is the main foods of the Mumbaikars. The most famous khau galli of Mumbai is Carter Road Khau galli which famous for Dosa, Maggi, Irani Chai, Chinese food and many more


There is not just 1 famous khau Galli in Mumbai. It depends on your choice of veg/ non-veg, south-indian/ punjabi/ fast food.

Below are to name a few.

1. Ghatkopar khau galli

Famous for dosas. Must try – manchurian pasta dosa

2. Chembur khau galli

Famous for punjabi and sindhi dishes. Must try – chat items

3. Mohammed Ali Road khau galli 

Best for non-veg lovers. Must try – Chicken tikka biryani


Ghatkopar khau galli, Chembur khau galli, Carter road khau galli, Mohammed Ali road khau galli, Mahim khau galli, SNDT lane, Tardeo khau galli, Kharghar, Vile parle galli, Kandvali west khau galli. These khau galli is famous for punjabi, sindhi dishes, Rice with dal tadka, and many such items are the famous on this lane. 😊 😊 



Ghatkoper khau gali, kandivali mahavir nagar khau gali are famous one

  • Ghatkopper’s khau gali is the best. 

Especially the Jini dosa and Hot spot are so yum. 


1. Juhu Chowpatty

2.girgaon Chowpatty

Tanaya Wankhede


Carter Road Khau Galli. Photo Source. …
SNDT to Cross Maidan Khau Galli. Photo Source. …
Mohammed Ali Road Khau Galli. Photo Source. …
Kharghar Khau Galli. …
Tardeo Khau Galli. …
Zaveri Bazaar Khau Galli. …
Princess Street Khau Galli. …
Mahim Khau Galli.


Bajaj road is famous for dosa.


Khau Gulli is the name given to it for a special reason. It meant the small lanes where street food is available as an exclusive treat to your senses. These lanes are generally crowded with people who want to satisfy their hunger and are interested in awesome and mouth-watering snacks or food. Lanes offer a huge variety of cuisines.

Zaveri bazaar khau gulli is one of my favorites. It is a good option for the people shopping out there or the businessmen, who work nearby. Badam shake with ice and moong dal bhajiyas gathered all my interest to them. Apart from these, papdi, kachori, sugarcane juice are worth trying for.



Ghatkopar and chembur khaogali are famous ones

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