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Who is your celebrity crush? Things you like about him/her?  



Share your stories 🙂

6 Answers

I am in love (literally) with Johnny Depp  ❤️ . Words can’t express how much i feel for him. I have build a universe in my head consisting of long walks, romantic……… (confidential :P) 

I guess you have very amazing story 😅


The word “Crush” brings me a blush on my face. The only person I can find as my crush is Mithila Palkar, the youtuber and Netflicker. The name was completely stranger to me just 2 years back. Coming from a middle class family and going through the ups-n-down she managed to capture the stardom and I also remember the first cup song of her, though I donot know marathi language still find her clip soothing to ears. Her smile and the attitude of being “Simple” is really wonderful. Her series “The Girl in the City” is very related to my life and would keep adoring her everytime. More power to her.

I wish I could meet her in person!! Cheers and keep innovating 🙂

Subhasish Paul


1) Leonardi di caprio

2) Cole Sprouse

3) Robert Downy Jr.

4) Ranbir Kapoor

5) Ian Somerhalder

6) Ronaldo

7) David Bekham

8) Robert Pattinson

These are my top 8 celebrity crushes

That’s surely a long list 😂

Hahaha.. There were more but I thought that the list was long enough.. and you would be telling a lie if you have just one celebrity crush XDXD

That’s a long one, hope you meet them once in your lifetime 😅


I am a huge fan of Benedict Cumberbatch. I love that he is not just an actor par excellence, but also an amazing human being. He is very gentleman-like and well-mannered. I love his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the TV series ‘Sherlock’. His voice has a mesmerizing touch to it. Before acting, he used to teach English at a Buddhist monastery in India, and has even saved the lives of a few people when they were held hostage by a tribal group in one of his shooting locations. All in all, he seems like a warm, caring, kind and thoughtful person. 


shahrukh khan  🤩  🤩  🤩  🤩  🤩  😍 

he is my all time favourite i adore him since i was a child. i love him beyond infinity😍 i just love the way he is smart, witty, classy, stylish.. his aura and his charm is something im blown by 😍❤ 

he is a deadly combination of “beauty and brains”😍 

i also adore him as a person he is, the good work he has done and he is been doing lots respect for him. 

i love u shahrukh.. you are and you will be my celebrity crush always.


My absolute celebrity crush is SHAWN MENDES (Shawn Peter Raul Mendes). He was born in Canada on 8th august 1998. He is a singer,songwriter and a model. 

He has an angelic voice which has indeed developed over time. He released his first single ‘Life of the Party’ on June 26, 2014. He was the youngest to debut in the top 25 of Billboard’s top 100. 

Apart from his magnificent songs which he gifted to us, he is by far the most humble and polite celebrity I have ever came across. He knows that he is what he is only due to his ‘FANS’. From posting random appreciation short videos for his fans to being very patient around them is what shows the extent to which he is grateful to us for.



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