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Would you rather have free Wi-Fi wherever you go or be able to drink unlimited free coffee at any coffee shop?  



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12 Answers

I choose free coffee anywhere!!! I love coffee in any form, of any origin and brewed in any way.

It would be like a dream come true to be able to taste the humongous variety of coffee.

As for the Wifi, I could use data pack!

I agree

Coffee it is. 


These two things are quite unrelated and I see a major advantage in choosing free Wifi wherever I go. Well, what would we do with free coffee, after a time, we will get bored of it(and I am not much interested in coffee also!). But free wifi would be a lot more helpful. Imagine that you can use the Internet wherever you go and without any problems and hassles! What more does anyone wish for!


I will have free unlimited coffee than WiFi and it is a very hypothetical situation.

Also I Chose coffee over Free WiFi this means that I lost my connection before I could give you an up-vote.



I would absolutely go for free unlimited coffee at any coffee shop.

Absolutely I can have a control over my phone without WiFi whereas why wouldn’t people go for free coffee. That to at any shop. Clearly coffee is more expensive than the data in certain situations…😝


Hahaha nice explaination

Me too


Free Wi-Fi is a must. Free coffee is tempting as well but i’m more of a masala tea lover. So if the masala tea was made available free of charge at every single place, why not!!!!!

As for coffee, i only love cold coffee or choco moca, which may not be available everywhere either way. So no point.

If i compare it to coffee, then obviously i’ll go for free WiFi but if Tea was in the choices then Masala Tea, Iced tea , Infact different variants of tea it is. Well i have Jio net services anyways. So yeah the order goes as follows:



Free wifi because tooooo much of coffee is unhealthy but WiFi is not


I’d rather have unlimited free coffee. I am a coffee addict


I agree


obviously coffee..as free wifi is available  but not free coffee

V.SRI Rithika


Free wifi is important. I love coffees but I could get tired of it. Whereas free wifi, I dont think I’ll ever mind 



Ah yes, Starbucks. 


Drink unlimited coffee at coffee shops.

Internet is cheaper than coffee. And coffee is more important than WiFi.

So coffee I choose


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