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Write something that can bring smile on a face.  



😊 😊 

6 Answers

You can do anything that you want to do.

Every thing is possible if you want to make it possible.

Hardwork and dedication towards your work will help you in achieving your goals.

Stay blessed and you are the in your own style :’) 

Have a good day ahead.

That is really a beautiful answer. With bringing the smile on my face it also energized and motivates me. Thank You 🤗 😍 

That’s great 


Whenever I used to ask my friend ,to get committed and he reply with smile already I have you itself as a big torture i dont want another.

A torture 😀 😀 


That’s great 


Imagine a day when you went out with your bestie having alot of fun together… sat in cafe he showing you all the funny clicks of yours… you got irritated and pour water on him he started running behind you… and finally you got caught… he beat you and asked him to tell sorry for 100 times as punishment 😋😋

Hey, this brings lots of memories in my mind. This remembers me how badly I irritate my best friend. All the time when we are together I irritate him a lot. 

😋 🤩 🤩 

Thanks 😍 😍 

Actually it is something which happend with me 😅😅😅

Ohkay 😀 😀  great, so I can assume you also irritate your best friend like a hell.

This is the best thing to do I think.



YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL , YOU ARE SMART , YOU ARE CONFIDENT . Just believe in yourself and feel good about yourself irrespective of any color , creed , gender , religion , and skin  and you will be ready to conquer the world . TRUST ME ! Once I was asked by my friend that if you had this one chance to give a message to everyone in this world , what would that message be and I replied “I would tell them to close their eyes for few seconds and tell them to think about themselves , not their loopholes , but their positive points , all of it and make them realize that everyone has positives and negatives but its important to know that those positive values are your asset , NO ONE CAN TAKE THEM AWAY FROM YOU . NO ONE. You are yourself because of those attributes , You are amazing , you can’t have to be someone else , you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone ,  you can do whatever makes you happy and you can conquer the world with all your confidence and diligence”  Anyone feeling low here just realize that no body can control you or outshine  or overpower you . JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. I am sure this will bring a smile 😉

Yes, this is the truth if we believe in ourselves then nothing can bring down us. 

This is what everyone needs to know. 😊 😊 

Thanks 🤗 🤗 

That’s a good answer 


Better not to worry because if you r worried you get a wrinkle,
so why don’t you smile and get a dimple.
Always smile and be happy.

Smiling is contagious , if you smile someone else will benefit from it too !

That’s a good answer 


Actually the best thing in the world and the wonders of the world is with you right now your mother . Just think about a moment and think that what your mother sacrificed in order to bring you in a present situation . Just help your mother it will bring a smile on his face and automatically in yours too

A malcum

This is the best way to smile 😊 😊 


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