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A gym routine for maintaining a healthy physique rather than a bulky muscle build.  



I need a gym routine that would help me in staying in shape and not for bulking up of muscles.

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for muscular body or u can say for shape you need to go gym daily with 1 day rest in a week but the main thing is diet you need to follow the diet and exercise and in exercise if you want shape the you have to concentrate on reps means not heavy weight but more reps around 18-20 reps. and you need to concentrate on protein intake you need approx 2 times of you body weight  for ex: your body weight is 60kg then you need 120 gm of protein that’s all


Walking and jogging for 30 would help. Add in cross trainer and spinning for about the same time. This routine involves no muscle straining but definitely helps in maintaining a healthy physique.