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best remedy for spots and acne on face.  



best remedy for spots and acne on face.

5 Answers

Aloevera and Neem are found to be very good remedies for elimanating the spots and acne on face. Infact the Neem Facewash of Himalaya Medicals is very good for acne problems. You can also try creams like “ACN Gel” and “Benzac AC”. These creams provide very good results and help in reducing lots of acne related problems. The basic things to do get rid of acne is very simple. Acne is due to lots of heat produced in the body and secondly it is because of unwanted materials present in your body which the body expells out in the form of acne. So the treatment for it is to keep your body cool and second thing is to stay away from eating unwanted food. The body can be kept cool by the following steps :

1. Drink around 8-6 glasses of water everyday.

2. Drink barley as it is the best medicine to keep our body in a cool state.

3. Do exercises daily due to which the pores open up in our face leading to excreting of unwanted calories.

4.Try taking steam vapours on your face atleast thrice a week. This helps in the extrafoliation of skin follicles.

5.Try staying away from oily food. Such as most of the acne related problems is due to consumption of food prepared using unrefined oil or cocunut oil.

6.Try avoiding non-veg items as they produce heat and due to this acne rises.

7.Try avoiding chocalates and Ice-Creams as both of them produce heat.

8.Try avoiding street food.

9.Intake loads of water filled fruits such as moosambi, orange, watermelon etc.

10.Maintain a hygienic lifestyle.


Neem has been found to be one of the perfect Natural Acne care. It is best herbal remedy for acne. Modern Medicine recommend anti-biotics like Doxy cycline and local application of Tretinoin for acne, which helps rarely, but does more harm than good. Doxycycline side effects can be searched at google. The side effects are too many. The bark of neem tree has been used in acne and other skin problems. Indians use the neem tree bark since ages for blood purification and treating acne naturally. The results are evident within 10 days of regular use of neem for acne and other skin ailments.

Some home remedies for scars can be found in your refrigerator; like those of eggs, herbs, honey, and several spices.

Egg whites are recognized to help in acne scar removal. The whites rinse out the skin and give it the essential nutrients to redevelop and drop off those scar tissues.

You can also add lemon juice to the egg white for a better effect. Another remedy for the scars is to use honey.

Honey contains a lot of beneficial factors. It can reduce the infection because of its anti-bacterial properties. It also reduces the inflammation brought about by the infection.

Honey accelerates the skin’s capability to stimulate and therefore is useful in combating off those scars left by acne. Aside from eggs and honey, you may use tomatoes for scar elimination.

Tomatoes contain vitamins and have exceptional healing properties that can diminish scars. Eating tomatoes every day can help heal those scratches and decrease the appearance of scars.

Eating fruits and vegetables regularly can be beneficial for the body. It helps encourage the body’s immune system, plus it also boosts healing

Home remedies for acne were being used way back centuries ago. During this time people of different races and civilizations were affected with the acne disease. However every civilization was unique in the herbs and preparation that they were doing to stop or control the spread of the disease.


Spots, blemishes, and acne are some frustrating things which one deals with in daily lives. Treating them is another obstacle we face. Aloe vera, cucumber, Listerine, tea tree oil, neem are some common household things which can be used over the affected area. 

Also, constantly touching your face worsens the condition. Keep in mind to use a sunscreen while going out to avoid exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun. Use a good face wash which clears excess oil from your skin that helps in the reduction of spots and acne. 

For a perfect skin care routine to reduce spots, blemishes, and acne, you can watch the video attached below. 



I suffered from acne for 3-4 years and always thought I could handle these by home remedies and it is just a phase and they will go away, but they did not and at the end I consulted a doctor and within 2-3 weeks I saw my face clearing up and now I take care of my skin with home remedies. So I will first suggest you to consult a doctor before you try anything. 🙂 


To prevent acne or scars or if reducing acne , one can apply aloe vera gel which is very natural without harmful chemicals used in face washes and other cleansing agents or also some home remedy like curd blended with honey could be applied for acne free and glowing skin


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