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Can body image affect the mental health of a person?  



I wanted to know the ways in which body image can affect the mental health of a person. And why should the knowledge of positive body image be spread among the youth?

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Hi Bhavya, 

Simply put, a lack of positive body image can lead to a negative body image which can cause mental health concerns such as anorexia or bulimia which are eating disorders. A more severe condition is also Body Dysmorphic disorder in  which the thought of having a flawed or imperfect body can affect a person so much that it impacts their daily functioning because of the continuous intrusive thoughts.

Similarly, one’s body image is directly related to their self esteem. When a person constantly worried about whether their body looks good enough and starts comparing it to others, their self esteem reduces and they start to undervalue themselves which definitely affects the mental health. 

Knowledge about positive body image is especially important for the youth of today because the media and a large part of the society continuously feeds us notions about what is considered beautiful and what is not. Hence the youth need to know that all sizes and all colors are beautiful to able to feel comfortable in their own bodies.

Best answer I think!


Yes. Body image affects the mental health of a person. According to psychologists a person going to gym, and having a good physique is much more confident than a person not going to the gym. Everyone wants to look sleek and have a good physique, but only a few people work for it.

Yes, it does.


Its important to first know that body image simply doesn’t consist of  our perception of our body, it also of the perception of our body by others(it is a social construct). perception of our body under different circumstances, with different people.

as a social being, it is in our inherent nature to get validation, our body being just another example. we try to fit our body in the frames set by the society. the different types of body shapes and sizes, and the society ‘preferring” one through mediums like, internet, movies etc is what urges the youth(and others of course) to fit in the category and be accepted, Now this has al lot of effects:-

A- people have a lot of stress, depression , anxiety regarding their body and try constantly to fit in the society.

B- a ;ot of people suffer with eating disorders like binge eating disorders , anorexia nervosa etc, and have long term fatal issues with their bodies.

C- a ;ot of people, girls specifically are bullied into practising life threatening methods like puking right after one has eaten, etc just to fit in the social image of a perfect body

D- fat shaming, slim shaming etc have now become prevalent in the urban areas as te youth are being herded into “being perfect”.

hence, it is immensely important for us to be aware of the problems that occur when the society tries to fit each of us different individuals in a “perfect fit”. body positivity is really important as the toll negative body imaging take sin human life is too much. self confidence and a healthy lifestyle is important, but more than that, believe in oneself and their own body is what keeps the person from harming themselves. And not to forget, body issues are a real thing, just like depression and needs professional help.



The A B C D is interesting.


If you are  physically fit chances are you will mentally fit as well.

Body image is a very important nowadays, if you are in good shape you will be more confident, and confidence plays a very crucial role in life.

If you are thinking to getting in shape ,now is the right time,take small steps and bring them in your daily habit.

If you are a beginner start working out at your home you can do body weight exercises at home easily also take  proper nutrition .





We often commit the error of considering mental health and physical health as different entities. Both of them go hand in hand. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.



In some cases, yes.



Yes, it has a direct impact on your mental and emotional health. So it is important to be physically fit to keep yourself mentally and emotionally fit.


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