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Do you follow a diet?  



what is it?

6 Answers

No, I don’t follow a diet. As according to me I am fit and my weight is perfect according to me. So, I don’t know whether I am right or not but I don’t follow a diet and I don’t even need to be on diet. 


Good to see that you are very confident! 🙂 

very nice…

thanks sree


No I don’t follow a diet. Being in hostel it’s pretty tough to manage diet.

Yes that’s true


I don’t but I eat food on a limited basis and I keep my appettite monitored


No. I don’t follow a diet. As I am a hosteller it is quite difficult for me to manage a diet schedule.


Following a diet is most important, when we are in a search of a healthy body, having a good diet helps us mentally as well as physically, even if we want to loose weight or gain muscles, everything involves having a good balanced diet, without following a suitable diet we won’t get the results we search for, while we build our body, balanced diet is the key to having a good health life.



No , not a proper diet.


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