Gym and protein

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Gym and protein  



I am prone to acne when I eat eggs, how can I overcome this problem and complete my protein intake without supplements .

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Eat banana , milk,chicken, dal all other things other than egg to take proper protien


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I had the same problem but i understood my body and now I am feeling much better so the suggestion is that if you are workingout daily then you can take up to 2 whole eggs but if you are not working out daily then I don’t think that you should take more than one whole egg.

Now coming on your protein intake,I also workout daily and I am not taking any protein shake now,so I have to maintain my protein intake so what i do is I take only egg whites after my workout because that white part of the egg contains pure protein and that yellow part(York) contains all the heat and fat 

So according to your body you can take 5-6  egg whites (I take 5) this has created a lot of difference in my body and I can guarantee you that you will see a lot of difference by doing this,also your acnes will be prevented.

Thank you

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both are danger i excess without a trainer



Eat eggs in a limited amount, not more than 4 in the summers as it is hot and may lead to an increase in the acne on your face and back. In order to compensate, eat peanut butter, Chicken(lots), Paneer, Fish, Green peas, Rajma, Chole and other pulses. Eating these will increase the amount of protein in your diet and help you to gain more weight and muscle mass. 


Get your protein from dairy and pulses . You can also consume all natural protein powder


I think gym is best rather than protein because protein cant be good for our health


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