How does worrying a…

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How does worrying affect your health ?  



do you think so worrying can cause major break downs

3 Answers

Stress , everything related you stress. 

Affects your mental health .


Worrying can cause many problems such as headache, high blood pressure,diabetes,migraine.

It can even lead to mental discomfort and cause anxiety and depression. 


We as a whole stress every once in a while, however in the event that you can’t shake it following half a month, it can negatively affect your wellbeing and may be connected to an uneasiness issue. Treatment, drugs, and different procedures can help.

• Worrying a lot of may trigger it to discharge “stress hormones” that accelerate your pulse and breathing, raise your glucose, and send more blood to your arms and legs.

• When you’re beset about something, the muscles in your shoulder and neck can worry, and that can prompt headaches or strain cerebral pains.

• If you’re stressed a great deal, you may inhale all the more profoundly or all the more frequently without acknowledging it.

• If it sticks around sufficiently long, something as little as a pestering worry in the back of your brain can influence your heart.

• If your body is influenced by the physical impacts of stress, it may not battle germs too.



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