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How to stay fit in summer?  



Need some motivation

1) Drink lots of water 

2)morning walk or workout at least for half an hour 

3) eat fiber rich food 

4) and smile everyday 🙂 

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Rule number 1: Drink a lot of water. 

Rule 2: Have fresh fruits.

These two rules pretty much sums up the pre-requirements. Then comes the workout. Do a lot of cardio to loose out on the unhealthy fat. Keep on drinking water to stay hydrated.

Oh yes, even I believe so.


It is very difficult to work out in hot conditions, I know.

It is much better if possible to work in early morning because it is cold and also the breeze will support the running or cycling. You could also try light yoga.

Hope it helps

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  1. Keep water beside you and drink regularly ,whenever you pee it should white not yellow,sign of dehydration.
  2. Get up and stretch ,dynamic stretches are great.
  3. Keep nuts almonds raisins near by or eat ,like chana and all.
  4. Don’t eat junk when you hungry rather make green tea .
  5. Stay motivated ,watch YouTube videos like inspiring and may be learn different styles of workout.
  6. Stay focussed even though you don’t want to workout .

The “to-be-remembered” list!


Keep a watch on what you eat. Consume a lot of fluids and eta light. 

Also make sure to stay hydrated and drink lots of water.

Yes I agree.


Eat loads of healthy food and drink lots of fluids like water and juices.

  1. Apply Your Daily SPF. …
  2. Embrace “Healthier” Barbeques. 
  3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. …
  4. Travel Light. …
  5. Eat Breakfast! …
  6. Avoid Over-Intoxication.

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