Is going to gym nec…

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Is going to gym necessary for girls?  



Is going to gym necessary for girls ?

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Everybody goes to gym for different purpose. To build muscle, to gain strength etc. It’s based on individual need and their aim as to what they want to attain. When it comes to whether it is necessary for girls to go to gym? In my opinion Yes it is necessary, it helps them to stay fit and helps them to strengthen themself. Gyming help’s in maintaining a healthy life and helps your body to be in good shape. 


No, going to the gym is not necessary for anybody boys or girls alike.

The most important thing is that you have some form of exercise daily. Exercise daily is not only essential for your proper health, studies have shown it actually slows down the aging process.

So if you could do it without wasting money in the gym, kudos to you. Remember to choose only the form of exercise that you could perform daily. Often we start with a high intensity but burn out after a few days, which becomes counterproductive.

With increasing age, it becomes imperative to do some form of exercise daily to keep your cardiovascular and skeletal health in check. And you must also add a balanced diet to your exercise regimen. Without proper diet the exercise becomes futile.

Remember a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.


Well, leaving a healthy lifestyle is more necessary.

Gym is seen as a rigorous physical workout for transforming your body. People mostly do it if they are over-weight or under-weight so as to reach their own ideal physic. 

Let us see some Pros & Cons of Gym for girls:

Pros: 1) Increased strength and stamina. 2) Your body gets into a proper shape. 3) Your abdomen muscles become stronger/stiff thereby reduces the period cramps faced by most of the girls. 4) If you are a foodie you can hog on then provided you gym regularly. 5) At last, you devote time to ownself thereby rejuvenating your body and mind.

Cons: 1) Excessive weight lifting will give you masculine physic over the time. 2) You need to maintain a proper diet along with your workouts. 3) Your body will start shrinking or deforming if you leave the gym for a long time.

So, in short, regular exercise in any form is a must for girls to stay healthy and fit. Gym is one of many options to opt for.


I don’t really prefer to say a gym rather workout is something that is needed by the body to help it stay fit and healthy. Irrespective of gender and age, everyone has got to workout. This helps our body stay clean. It purifies our body letting out all the waste through sweat. As a saying goes a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Since it is our body, we have this prior responsibility to keep it clean and protected. when you seriously want to lose or gain weight, gym is a place where we have a guide who can help us in our workout and food as well.


There is no differentiation  between men and women to go to the gym or not. One simply goes to the gym to have a balanced lifestyle where the calories consumed are exerted in  some way to be healthy. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle where you eat well and also exercise to keep the muscles healthy, going to the gym is not the only outlet to exert calories, an physical activity helps with it. So, no, it is not important for “girls” to go to the gym but it is advisable to do some sort of physical activity for health reasons.


It is not just with the girls. … Going to gym is good for everyone not only for girls. Gaining weight is a potential side effect if you stop going to the gym. Your gym workouts burn calories and increase your metabolism, which helps maintain or even lose weight with a regular routine. It has the following benefits in extra tooo….

  • Decreases your osteoporosis risk. …
  • Improves your sex life. …
  • Prevents muscle loss. …
  • Improves digestion. …
  • Reduces stress, depression and anxiety. …
  • Enhances mental performance and work productivity. …
  • Reduces cancer risk.



Going to gym is good for everyone not only for girls. Gaining weight is a potential side effect if you stop going to the gym. Your gym workouts burn calories and increase your metabolism, which helps maintain or even lose weight with a regular routine. Gym is always a good thing and a good habit to pick up. Now the reason why people put on weight after leaving gym is because they free themselves from the diet they followed while working out. So more calories and no exercise results in them putting in weight. In fact your weight can be controlled even without gyming provided you eat healthy and have a physically active lifestyle such as choosing stairs over elevators.Gym is a catalyst and a great habit to keep and get healthy. So yes, gym is excellent for girls and no you don’t put on weight after you leave gym. Your toned body gets a little lax , apart from that there won’t be much change if you proportionately decrease your calorie intake sans the work out. So go hit the gym guilt free.



It’s not “necessary “to go to the is just a basic choice if you want to stay fit .But you can also stay fit by so many other routines such as yoga,healthy or clean eating habits etc. 


yes it is necessary for everyone not for girls only but All the acitivies of a girl or ladies they have less time for their own health. gym is a good way but it has a reverse effects also i suggest yoga is better then gym only a 1 cup of lukewarm water is also very benifical for health it remove all the toxins from body its clean whole digestive system which leads to better health also .it is comfortable to take a slice of ginger its amazing its help to make your immunity strong which protect  from many yoga will be more beneficial for girls.


I will not say that you should not join but it is also not necessary to join because the same exercises can be done in ours homes i also do the same and you can do yoga in the morning for 20 to 30 minutes.This method of Yoga is 100% effective as i have also weight loss in 2 to 3 months by only performing these 2 activities.


Everyone should be healthy in both the ways mentally and physically. Going to gym for girls totally depends on their requirement. So, if the girl just want to-

1. Loose or maintain her weight then it’s absolutely not necessary to go to gym because she can do cardio exercise without any equipment at her home with a proper diet plan.

2. Build abs, biceps, triceps, hamstrings, shoulders, back and others then she should go to gym because there she will get proper equipments, trainers and instructions. 

Shruti Jaiswal



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