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Is weight training more important or cardio?  



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What stands the most important is a strong core, Now its your choice if you want to train by lifting heavy or by intense workout. These are two facets of the same coin and go hand in hand. A strong core can help you lift heavy. So can say core is just a bit ahead of lifting.

Mudit khanna

Can you explain more about core? 

It is essential to strengthen one’s core, that is, your abdominal, pelvis and back muscles so that your entire body is strengthened and you are able to do your workout fetching you better results. To know more about core strength and how to strengthen it, refer to the video below. 




Weight training and cardio both are important for a healthy body and weight loss. You burn more calories during a cardio workout as compared to weight training of the same duration. But to do more of cardio your muscles should be strong and elevated which is achieved by weight training. Hence, a  proper composition of both weights and cardio is essential for faster weight loss without hampering your muscle growth. 

Thank you for this. Highly appreciate it. 

To do a good cardio workout for a flat stomach and reduced body fat you can refer to the video below. 


Wow thank you for this!


Both are important.


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