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[Solved] Suggest some remedies to treat oily scalp.  



Suggest some remedies to treat oily scalp.

1 Answer

Treating oily scalp is tough but its better than dry scalp. You can use Egg White with lemon (lemon will lessen the odor of eggs) if you can. Otherwise, you can use lemon, which helps treating hair related problems also. But if you are using Lemon then, keep it for 20-25 minutes. Even washing hair often can also help but i won’t personally suggest as the hair should be only washed twice a week. So that it won’t lose its natural shine and the scalp will be healthy. Washing more often makes your hair weak from the root. You can also use Chickpea flour (besan) mixed with half water and half curd. This method will make your hair strong and will given you shine. Using potato juice or paste of it also help you. Adding on, make sure you apply these things on a clean scalp.