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What are the benefits of fasting once a week?  



What are the benefits of fasting once a week?

2 Answers

It is believed fasting once a week has many benefits. It is good for behavioural associated disorders. It helps us to exercise self control and acts as purgation on weekly basis. One feel energized after exercising it once a week. Other important benefits include weight balance, stress control, blood pressure level is checked, detoxification of body and improves our immune system.

These are few benefits at your finger tips.


first , you can loose your weight easily.

fasting will help a body metabolize faster its system of metabolism .

fasting will help you to balance the harmonal body system.

fasting awakens the mind and soul – one day a week is enough to remove toxin from your body without worrying about the food .

clense your joint of acid crystal –  The toxin and inorganic minerals that obtained from the liquids we drink and food we eat soon dispersed into our bloodstream to be carried throughout the depth of our body .

relieve the body from solid obstruction.




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