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What are the best ways to start a healthy day?  



What are the best ways to start a healthy day?

13 Answers

The best and healthy ways to start your mornings are:



Have a cup of HOT WATER WITH LEMON, this magical drink flushes out all the fat and if you drink this on regular basis you will see the difference yourself. Trick to get a flat tummy!

Why not just start your day with positivity and just thanking GOD for yet another beautiful day? Sounds optimistic already right?

Have a healthy heavy breakfast as you got to BREAK THE FAST.

Have a bowl of oats or cornflakes with loads of yummy fibrous fruits.

Most importantly “Bath”. Give yourself a fresh start to the day by washing yourself. Hot Water showers just boost the active hormones and make you feel as fresh as ever.

And get started with your daily routine with the hope to achieve your goals and keep spreading the smile!


I will highlight a few views I have came across from credible sources and some I practice daily.

  1. Give thanks every morning. Think positively.
  2. Take a deep breath, a short time to meditate/reflect and some time to stretch and get your blood flowing. I incorporate an hour of working out or physical activity daily.
  3. Start your day with washing your face with cold water and apply natural toner. You will feel fresh.
  4. Take a walk in morning fresh cool air.
  5. Drink water- make sure you are adequately hydrated.
  6. Live a simple life, minimize stress, laugh as much as possible, surround yourself with good people and love daily.

These are just few but have made a drastic positive impact in my life.


well to start a day healthy you must make sure that I have taken the required sleep of 8 hours also focus on these points

1.wake up early in the morning and have a glass of lukewarm water in the morning before eating anything else

2. Take a bath to get freshness for the whole day  as early morning bath is considered very good

3. In the morning stay away from electronic gadgets  as much u can.

4. Go for healthy breakfast and never think of skipping morning breakfast as it’s the most important thing it was said that after break of 8 hours (of fast) we are taking a meal that’s why it’s named as break -fast. and from 8hrs we won’t have taken anything so it’s it considered very important and must be taken by keeping a eye on Good hygiene. 

5. Do some morning exercises like yoga to keep your body and mind fit and healthy


According to me the best way to start a healthy day when you form healthy habitual behaviour for the morning you start your day off for success whether you are aware of them or not you operate on the habits both good and bad all the time there an integral part of your day be existence part of the missing a healthy habit become intentional with that most habits of all because they are easy or along the path of least resistance if you want to cultivate positive happy then you may need to put some intentional effort into forming them until they become second nature

here are some habits that you can add into your morning routine

1. Stay unplugged from Technology

2. Hydrate well

3. Eat a healthy breakfast

4.Practice optimism and gratitude

5.make your bed


7.have a to do list ready to conquer

8.get enough sleep


In order to start a healthy day you should wake early then should indulge yourself in some physical activity that could be anything from simple jogging to refreshing yoga

Not just that one should also drink ample amount of water for the proper conditioning of the body.

Doing these small things in the very beginning of the day can actually make your day healthy


Rise early. Rinse the mouth with the water and have a glass full of water rather than a bed coffee. Eat carrot and take a morning walk. And a meditation atleast of 5 minutes


The very best way to start a healthy day is to sleep on time the previous night. We should be getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep to feel fresh. We can start our morning with a warm glass of water/honey-lemon water.

A walk during the morning hours in fresh breeze followed by a healthy and hearty breakfast is a perfect start of the day.


It is important to have a fantastic start to your day because it guides how you feel for the next many hours. One way to instantly feel good both mentally and physically is to get enough sleep!

When you wake up, it is recommended to have soothing light and calming colours and music in your bedroom.

Stretch your body and do some joint mobility exercises!  

Make for yourself a delicious nutritious breakfast with whole grains and fresh fruit.

You could even have a morning checklist full of tasks you want to get done in the morning. Checking things off a list is an instant motivation boost.


To have a positive morning you may follow these steps.

1. Make your bed: This gives you confidence that you have completed a small task and are ready to achieve throughout the day.

2. Hydrate Well: Drink as much water as you can. This will boost the metabolism of your body.

3. Gratitude: Thank God for everything he has given you.


To have a healthy and fresh day make sure that you follow the following steps:-

1)Sleep of 8 hours is compulsory. Proper sleep helps in doing the daily routine in a very effective way. 

2)Have a cup of hot water with lemon.

3)Go for a walk, exercise or meditate. This helps to have a peaceful and refreshing morning. 

4)Freshup and have a healthy breakfast.

Try to avoid using electronic gadgets in the morning.


firstly get a healthy 7-8 hours of sleep.

stretch as soon as you wake up. Even 30 seconds of stretching can help get your day off to a healthy start.

exercise daily in morning for 30 minutes.

taking a shower can also help start your day on a more relaxing and pleasant note.

eat a good breakfast.Make sure that you are eating a breakfast that includes complex carbohydrates, fruit, and some lean protein.

drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps with digestion, metabolism, skin and muscle health, and kidney function. After a night of sleeping and perspiring, your body needs to be rehydrated


To be healthy start you start with a healthy routine as the start of the day will make our day more good as starting should always be perfect. So to start our day healthily we should make a routine and we should follow it regularly without skipping it. So in the morning when you get up you should always drink one or two glasses of lukewarm water as it will help you to clean you stomach and will also help you to increase your digestive system,after that you should do yoga or gymming and should also go on morning walk as it will give you peace and will also make you physically fit and stronger and after that in the breakfast you should always avoid eating oily and heavy foods, you should do light breakfast which have a lots of protein; like in breakfast you can eat salads, soaked almonds and raisins, soaked cheackpeas, you can drink juice or any protein shake and can also eat fruits like apple, bananas, pomegranate,etc.

Shall we shall


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.  Hence it is necessary that a person should start their day with a healthy note. 

The first of all must be a tight good sleep.  Wake early and have some luke water with honey and lemon.  Start your day with yoga and meditation. 

Finally have your breakfast like a king. 


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