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What is the role of fitness in our life? What should be the approach towards it?  



What is the role of fitness in our life? What should be the approach towards it?

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Fitness is health and it definitely is not a specific shape or weight. 

  • Let’s focus on the health aspect. Health is the overall functioning of the body, including the physical and the mental aspect. To have a fit body, one requires a healthy intake of food. The key word being, balanced diet. It may sound like a repetition of old school words but eating a balanced diet is the only way to ensure intake of all important nutrients, including fats and carbs. Along with this a standard amout of exercise should be the formula for physical fitness. 40 minutes of moderate exercise everyday or aggressive work-out four days a week is suggested as ideal by a lot of people. The next thing on our healthy platter is mental health. Stress,anxiety,depression, all have a major factor in determining how the body functions. High stress level not only impacts our heart and blood pressure but also the hormone developments. 

What is not fit ?

Lets look at it in negatives. A perfect body may not be fit. Lesss weight may not be fit ! Our body has various levels of energy breakdowns. One is at a metabolical level- i.e how much energy body burns at its own. The other aspect of it is the energy we burn through movement including exercise. The second part has a much less percentage than the first. Hence a person may have the model figure because he lacks control over his/her body. Starving and over-exercising for achieving it is not worth the stress and unfit body image issues.


“Health is Wealth”

Fitness in everything yet very few people seem to care about it. Fitness is the unit of life. You can only live your life if you are fit, both mentally as well as physically. A fit person is very less prone to medical conditions which means not taking a road to hospital. We live in a very polluted society and it is affecting us daily. So it is very important to take care of our body because if Wealth is gone, nothing’s gone but if health is gone, everything’s gone.

Approach towards fitness should start with having a daily healthy routine. 

1. Getting 8 hours of sleep.

2. Detoxifying your body.

3. Eating healthy food like green veggies, soup, green tea etc.

4. Meditation and 30 minutes of cardio daily.

Just 4 steps daily and you are already fit than fifty percent of the population.


Fitness plays an important role in our day to day life.

you get to learn from a fit and healthy lifestyle.

first of all, you get to know about DISCIPLINE, this word portrays a person capability to show how much serious or you can say commitment he/she show towards there own work.

INDISCIPLINE causes a lot of problems, like reduction in ethical values, thus leading to degrading relations, peer pressure and why to forget disease which you’ll get from your unhealthy lifestyle.

SELF-MOTIVATION– life is like a rollercoaster, there are ups and downs, there are days when you don’t want to work, you don’t receive your appraisal but still, you need to get going and do your job. self-motivation helps you to cruise safely through the gusty storms of your life.

Most of us hate it and do all we can to avoid it, but pain (of certain types) can be good, and even healthy.

I love the soreness achieved a few days after an intense workout because it tells me that my muscle fibres have been sufficiently torn, and are now in the process of rebuilding, and becoming stronger and more resilient.

Pain builds mental and physical toughness the way few other experiences can.

Thus you can understand the importance of fitness in our life.


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