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what's your belief? Quality or Quantity?  



There have been disputes in the athletes or fitness freaks on what matters most, quality or quantity of the exercise. From a person who is new to the concept of “exercise”, what would you choose, quality or quantity?

Rameesha Khan

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  1. According to me quality is important.
  2. If we have more quantity of things  in worst quality means there is no use.
  3. But,if we have a things in high quality means it give benefit.
  4. Quality only give long life.
  5. And it does not commit any side problems too.
  6. So quality is important. 


Coming to exercise, it is always quality that counts not the quantity. It’s not about how much time you work, it’s all about the way you work out. Doing exercises which do do not help gain profit are useless. Doing them without knowledge for hours are unprofitable and at times can be harmful also.

When start of working, consulting a trainer is a best option. Knowing what to do, what to eat or how should we follow the plan is very important.

Thus, it is not the quantity of things you do rather it is the quality of workout you do.




I would stick my back with what @AB66311 said strongly.

In the subject of Physical Excercise, it is always Quality over Quantity


I would choose Quality over quantity for various reasons : 

Quality is often chosen over quantity in various areas such as work, industries/Businesses and personally too,

Narrowing down to the industries and businesses, For an instance people would prefer to buy goods and services from a particular industry because they are ascertained about the quality and the value of the return of the product,

In the corporate world, companies prefer hiring quality candidates over mass hiring because quality candidates have the required knowledge, skill set and experience,

In the Industrial field companies would acquire high skilled labor as it is cost effective in both long and short run, Because they are experts in their field, they can help generate new ideas which eventually leads to achieving organisational goals.



Obviously the quality.Let me give you example.You’re going in restaurant which is giving a full dish with high quantity but what you see the place is not that good, making food in worst condition.Now visiting a good restaurant and you can see fine kitchen in there, definitely you will visit there even the quantity will be less than the first one.It’s always matter with quality, making too many buggy software never going to make your business on top but the one software with best quality will lead you to the top.

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Quality or quantity depends on various factors. But we cannot eradicate the fact that good quality with appropriate quantity is the best combination in first place. If its consumable item, then for sure it must be quality which will be of prime importance. But when it comes to wearable item which is of less significance then quantity does matters more than quality. Suppose we buy a branded cloth then we look for quality. But when we buy local clothes, we just look at the number of wearable cloths bought in the same amount.

Quality is important. Consumer is ready to pay for quality. That is the reason that high end brands need to maintain their quality standards all the time.


I agree that it really depends on the situations. Sometimes quality is more important and other times quantity. I would say, in most of the situations quality is important for example: workout, reading, consumer service etc. Also, quantity matters in basic items, like soybeans or pinestraw etc. Quality derives from quantity. If you are participating in doing or producing something, fail to do it, continuously trying to improve it. Failure is one of the best lessons we have and it’s only with tons of practice that we can achieve ‘perfection’ an perfection is nothing but the quality.



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