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Do you think representation is important in Hollywood  



Representation is highly important in Hollywood for its a way for people to view themselves on screen. Around 20% people in the world are only White, however, the representation shown in the movie making business consists of 98% White people. Movies like Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians received high grossing all over the world and one of the major reason was the representation used. The cast represented the voice and aesthetics of the common people and not just elite without offending any minority groups. 

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Yes, representation is very important in any film industry. Representation of different races and cultures is important as the audience today in the States is very ethnically ambiguous. So if producers and directors want the movie to hit the whole audience, they have to make sure the cast is not all white.

Furthermore, it is also important that the representation must be accurate and not based on stereotypes about the community. That just makes the content look primitive. Eg: not all Asians are good at math.


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