Do you think that f…

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Do you think that friends is overrated?  



Do you think that friends is overrated?

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2 Answers

FRIENDS is absolutely amazing . However, sometimes, I feel that the laughter of the audience included in the episodes can be removed.It’s like they burst into laughter every 2-3 seconds which kind of gets annoying.

Considering the plot, it’s cool.Six friends with sucked up life but still enjoying it to he fullest..

So, i’m totally up for FRIENDS..

PS: How you Doin’? 😉  😆  🤣 


You do realize that the laughter was REAL AUDIENCE? 

I like the plot, the depiction and all, however, I think that the amount of viewers that watch it too much. And I prefer himym so ..


I’m sort of on the middle ground here. It is a good show and I would definitely recommend. but i don’t see a reason to be hung up on it. There’s many more sitcoms presently that are worth a watch. It’s definitely a great series and deserves the hype but look around a little. 


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