Game of thrones

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Game of thrones  



What is your opinion about season 8 

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1 Answer

Utterly disappointed. 

A lot of people are disappointed because the story didn’t turn out to be what they expected. Just to clear things right off the bat, I’m not one of them. Yes I’ll admit that I’m disappointed with the plot of the final season as well, however, it’s not my primary complain. What hurts me most is what D&D (the directors of the show) has done with the character arcs. After over a decade a character development, I believed season 8 didn’t do justice to a lot of characters (Jaime, Ghost, Cersei, Euron, Varys). Then there’s technical problems as well, like Starbucks coffee cup, Jaime’s hand while hugging Cersei.

In my opinion, character arcs and plot turns out to be disappointing because they tried to cram too much content in very few episodes of 1 season. I believe they needed at least 10-15 more episodes to finish off what potentially could have been one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Sources say that HBO was willing to do more seasons but it was D&D who backed off. So essentially they can be blamed for this mess, along with the writers. 

Thank you for reading. Cheers. 


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