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How do you find The Ellen Show ?  



American Comedian, ELLEN DEGENERES and her show.

Share your moment of joy.

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in the recent times I have engaged in many a fight with my closest friends over The Ellen Show – I am totally in love with it and they are apparently not. 

The Ellen Show is possibly the coolest talk show today, chiefly because of its host – the funny, smart and charming Ellen DeGeneres. The show has some very cool game rounds, which are sure to rip you in laughter, and then of course, there are the best scares possible – my favorite thing about the show.

If I have to choose one moment of joy, I would go for a similar scare. Ellen managed to scare Sara Paulson, not once, not twice, but several times on her show, extracting hilarious reactions from Paulson each time. My favorite is the one where Paulson gets so scared, she crawls under the table and screams her heart out (Yes, you read that right!). The clip is particularly extremely funny as Paulson first hits Ellen for being so terrible to her and then simply can’t get over what just happened.

I absolutely love The Ellen Show, and I am sure you will too!



I mean her sense of humor, her liveliness, her sarcasm, her wit, her courage.. everything is amazing. 

She is an inspiration to look upto. 


The Ellen Show is one of the best show. I can watch it on repeat. Ellen, she is so pretty, talented, funny with a good sense of humor. Whenever you feel depressed or low I would recommend you to watch the show, because after watching it you feel so enlighted.

Especially her series of comedy remix in various songs and movies, they are so hilarious. Her moments with Taylor Swift are so beautiful and lovely. Ellen scaring Andy is so funny, you just can’t stop laughing.

I am absolutely a fan of The Ellen Show and you will love it too.


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