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Robb Stark or Ned Stark?  




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I think Ned Stark


Ned stark perfect character 


Difficult to say. We can go on assumption of character, or facts. We will do both.

Robb Stark never lost a battle and was considered a great military leader, but a poor politician, something him and Ned have in common. But Robb had tremendous help from men who had gone to war previously and had experience. Basically Robb’s top military command council consisted of men that had fought for and bled under Robb’s father, Ned. So, Robb received excellent advice from experienced warriors. That is not to say that Robb was an incompetent that had to be led around by the hand; he was a naturally gifted commander, and knew how to appease and appeal to his men. Lessons he inherited from his father and that he also naturally had; so there’s no taking away from the fact that Robb was a naturally gifted commander; he was. But that being said, he did have Neds “old guard” to help him out.

So, that leaves my answer to be Ned Stark was the better Commander. Yes, yes, an EXTREMELY poor politician, and no long term strategist, as witnessed by his many mistakes(something Robb inherited as well). But as a battle commander, Ned Stark knew how to make men follow him, and knew how to fight. He fought for Robert in his rebellion, he fought the Greyjoys. He was so beloved and respected as a warrior by his own people that the mountain clans even are willing to sacrifice their lives for his memory and to save his daughter from the Boltons. He made many mistakes, especially political ones; but he was a great commander, respected by those who didn’t even like him(Stannis even says Ned was no friend of his but could not doubt his integrity and ability, and Stannis is one of the top military commanders alive now).

While we don’t see much of Ned in war, or really at all, and we see Robb, many naturally assume Robb was more talented. But Ned was wiser, and a born soldier. There’s a reason the boisterous, hard fighting, hard talking, crude, loud, and inappropriate Robert Baratheon liked Ned; they were complete opposites in values, but they shared a bond, not only by their love of Lyanna and growing up, but as battle companions. And we see some of Neds prowess in the show and a little in the books when he fights Arthur Dayne and Jamie Lannister. In both battles he is able to hold is own surprisingly well, against arguably one of the best swordsman in Westeros, and the other, a legend, Arthur Dayne(show only). But his fight with Jamie, even Jamie was surprised at Neds skills, and Jamie WAS an extremely talented swordsman before he lost his hand.

So the verdict would have to go to Ned. I say this because he was more mature, older, and had seen more battles and war than Robb(Robb might have been better than him one day had he lived, but that’s not the question). Robb was no doubt talented, as a tactician and a soldier, but as stated he had his fathers old commanders around him constantly and also had his own personal guard of 30 or so highborn warriors who would ride into battle with him. While both are definitely poor politicians, both are excellent warriors, but between the two, Ned takes it I believe because of experience, an ability to get men to follow him, and natural swordsmanship.


Nedd Stark


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