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Suggest some good anime series to watch?  



Should have good content! 

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You should definitely check out naruto, it has a really good buildup and amazing storyline plus remarkable character development. I would also recommend One punch man, Inuyasha and Bleach. 

And for anime movies do watch Akira, Howl’s moving castle, Paprika and Princess Mononoke. Paprika is probably one of my favorites and it is also the movie Inception was based on. DO check it out. Hope you enjoy



If you are new to the world of anime, I would suggest that you should start with the ones which are short. Generally the animes are long and have very well structured storyline. But based on my observation, the beginners often get bored as they are not used to it. As per my recommendation you should start with One punch man, Death note, Full metal alchemist brotherhood. They are really good and not too long. The others and which are my favorite are One piece and Naruto. They are amazing and everyone should watch them. While there are many other good anime like Fairytale, Tokyo Ghoul, Bleach and many others…

One punch man and Naruto are my favorites too!


You should watch

Kagyua sama love is war

Promised neverland

Rising of the shield hero

No game no life

Re zero

Assassination classroom

Code Geass

That time I got reincarnated as a slime

Rampo kitan:Game of laplace(underrated)

Ouran highschool host club

These are 10 that I could suggest on the top of my head. Please forgive me if I forgot any good series here.



I think you shouldn’t care about the length for an anime because once you start one you get a bit too attached to them and will regret that they ended soon so I recommend you to choose based on the plot rather than the length some of my suggestions are:-






The best place to start is definitely Death Note : A genius finds a notebook with the power to kill anyone . 

After that , Code Geass, Future Diary and Death Parade have the similar elements of a psychological thriller . Monster is regarded as a classic.

There is an anime Erased which is also quite good . It is a time travel mystery show with elements of a psychological thriller .  Charlotte shares the time travel plot and Terror in Resonance shares the psychological elements.

Except these , three of my favorite anime are Akagi , Kaiji ( Related thrillers on anime , require patience) and One outs (baseball).

If you want a lighter anime I would suggest My Hero Academy , One Punch Man and first half of Charlotte . 



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