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Your thoughts on 'The Conjuring'.  



Do you believe it’s really based on true incidents?

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4 Answers

Conjuring are good movies though they do not have much horror and and are not much scary for which they are meant. As for genuineness for what it is based on, they may be based on true events, or they may be somewhat true… I can’t say exactly.


The Conjuring is not terribly innovative, but I don’t think it needed to. It’s the execution that keeps everything so gripping, and I think we needed that in this suffering era of the genre. The story is actually more than the haunting of the Perrons.”The Conjuring” is based on a real reported haunting 

So you believe it is true then?

I agree


I think it’s based on true incident.

I don’t think so


I think it was a good movie. I’d rate it 4/5