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Do you think Indian television is losing its position because of the entry of OTT services?  




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In my opinion it has always been like that that whenever a new technology hits, the older ones lag behind and innovation will always advance toward change. Even in this case it happened so because it is more convenient that to subscribe to a traditional satellite or cable pay television service, now people can use over the top services as it is use in delivery of film as well as Television content via internet which makes it suitable for the users. Moreover, in today’s generation internet has become a necessity and when it is also providing television content via internet, people will go for it and abandon cable services.

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OTT has effected Indian television’s position because now a days everyone is watching online subscription  an other website like Amazon and Netflix. 


Totally agreeeing

That’s the truth



Netflix and Amazon prime are being in the limelight.

That’s the truth 


Yes I guess they are losing many viewers too. Many people hate the ott services and some people cancel the TV connection

A malcum


Yes,I think it is affecting Indian  television. 


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