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Do you think Indian TV shows lack content?  




9 Answers

Yes, almost all Indian television shows lack content.

Most of them share a common story plot and stretch it like a chewing gum till the end.

They lack in the continuity of the story plot. There is no proper research or planning done before making a new show. They take the same old plot, ammend some of the scenes, give it a new name and launch it with new protagonists.

Yes, they actually stretch it like a chewing gum.

I agree. 


Yes. Because after few days it feels like the story is being stretched without any reason. Usually they have bad endings.

Totally agreeing.


Indian TV shows set unrealistic drama standards.


I think most Indian TV shows follow a common set of tropes. Even if a show starts out with a promising plotline, it inevitably seems to fall back on the same regressive clichés, whether it’s the extramarital affair, the love triangle, some kind of resurrection or amnesia. Even if a show has potential, it is soon overshadowed by the one-dimensional nature of the characters, and the attention given to overdramatizing simple real-life incidents and blowing them out of proportion, accompanied, of course, by loud music and flashy editing tricks.

But we must keep in mind the demographic of most of these shows. The public in rural India do not necessarily have access to Netflix and Amazon Prime, to catch the cool new, tretding English show of the time, so for them, these dramatic Indian TV shows are a prominent source of entertainment, despite the apparent lack of content.


Yes, otherwise why would they be showing something that does not even exist in the real world, something that is extremely baseless, that too repeatedly. They are not only following a common track but also leaving a negative impact on the viewers’ minds. The main reason behind this is the fact that there a numerous channels and everybody has to come first in this race.


yes, because they show something which is not real and during the trailer of the TVshows they show something and after the few episode the track of all the TVshows is same. The shows are stretched like chewing which has no sense.



A lot… Even the quality of the storylines must be improved


NO! I see new shows coming up everyday with new , broad and creative ideas . Do not categories indian Tv to just daily sops . we have alot of new variety shows showing up each day.


Yes. They do lack good content as they keep repeating the same old drama which does not make any sense as of now because now, people can easily guess the next drama/ dialogue.