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[Solved] What would be the best way to change the genre and style of the shows made for Indian audience?  



What would be the best way to change the genre and style of the shows made for Indian audience?

2 Answers

Indian audience comprises of viewers from different age groups. The 40+ category loves watching daily soaps, they get highly influenced by what they watch. The 16+ category, the upcoming generation finds daily soaps to be too much drama and are more into web series and stuff which are away from the influence of the censor board of India. According to me in the rear future Indian television would have much more reality shows and very few daily soaps and eventually there would be nothing else but web series and reality shows. Shows like Crime Patrol and Saavdhan India have a negative impact on the society. People create a gloomy perspective about others which affects their thinkings.


When the TV makers stop undermining the intelligence of its audience and come with something worthwhile. 

Here’s how a TOI article summarised Sath nibhana sathiya 

The main lead of the serial is an undercover cop named Sandhya who is tailing a gang that has a ‘nuclear bomb’ – the tech of which has been single handedly developed by them. This gang’s great plan here is to bomb Delhi with their so-called nuclear bomb. Unfortunately, once they figure out Sandhya’s betrayal, the leader decides to bomb Pushkar instead of Delhi since it happens to be her home town. (What even?) After some action sequences and shindigs, Sandhya ends up in a helicopter over the sea with activated nuclear bomb in its payload literally hanging under the plane. Oh, and the plane is being piloted by Sandhya herself. Skip to the final scene, where with only few seconds left on the ‘timer’ she is shown to be still sitting in the helicopter when the bomb explodes. The story is not over yet: jump few more scenes and you find that Sandhya is still alive, and with only a scratch on her forehead – she’s heading towards Pushkar with no residual effects of being exposed to the radiation of the explosion. (All scientific logic commits suicide here.)


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