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Is Indian television focusing on TRP rather than the content of the show?  



specify reasons.

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I would say yes.Indian telivision is focusing entirely on TRPs rather than the content of the show.I would like to justify my views with a very recent illustration.There was a show named Bepannaah which was axed on the grounds of lagging in TRP charts in november 2018.It was used to air on channel Colors TV.The Bepannaah Fandom put their bestest foot forward to save their show by the way of trending on twitter,calling and mailing production house and the channel both.But all their efforts went in vain when channel didn’t listen to their cries.The show was immensely popular not only in india but overseas too.The show got off air within a period of 8 months.Still it maanged to bag many national and international prestigious awards.By the way of this example it can be clearly seen that the channels only cares about topping the TRP charts and only cares about the high TRP shows.They dont care about the content of the show.The channels in the large are the main embodiments of the telivision system.Hence,this is an aura of high level of commercialisation where each and everyone is trying to mint money by the way of doing anything.The same thing is happening in the Indian telivision industry too.


I feel yes. Not only Indian television but television all over the world is only concentrated on TRP rather than spreading the truth. This is because media don’t fear G-d. Whoever fear G-d will always uphold truth even if life is in danger. We humans are so devoted to material felony world that, totally no fear of G-d, our Creator.

Indian television or any news agency are being controlled by wealthy people who decide what viewers need to watch. This has caused chaos among the mind of the people. The hunger of TRP by television forgot their real duty of showing truth. This will go on until someone stops them to do so.

Yisra’el ben Avraham



It is sad but true, Indian Television do run behind TRP more.

To gain TRP they often show things which are not only unrealistic but also greatly irrational.

Bringing someone back to life from death is only something I’ve seen on Indian Television and it is done solely to gain intrigue of people and increase their TRP.

Even show with new concepts often fell into the trap of repeated storylines because that’s what gives them TRP. Note that people do not really watch something new and are often more comfortable watching what they already know.

TV shows in India do not focus on content and sometimes stretch a single event to several days only for the sake of suspense and TRP. The focus on content is minimal sometimes.

There’s a reason why these shows are so overwhelmingly long.. more episodes, more TRP. No quality however, whatsoever.


Yes this is true as television are focusing on TRP they are not concerned about content. All they want is TRP of the show to increase and with this increase they will get lot of money and importance. This has become new trend of the television to stretch the serial so that its trp increases as all that things going on are senseless as their is no meaningful content and their is no importance to content.

This is a sad truth but this should be changed so that the serials are of good content then the trp will increase automatically.


Yes. to be in context very much. Live example shows like Bigg Boss are still running and shows li like Kasauti Zindagi Kay are getting sequels.And Illogical shows like Naagin are getting aired as series. The showmakers are running behind TRPs but the audience have started  evolving nowadays. These illogical soap operas are gradually dipping in ratings but still there are some section of audience who still prefer watching such things. Sometimes because of such decisions the creative behind a writer dies and he is forced to write something which is illogical and which can stretch upto 20-25 episodes. But the noteworthy thing is Indians have started to solve towards web series which promise us a lot of content and drama in lesser time. Its time the showmakers realise rather than falling on TRPs its better to focus on content. Netflix and Amazon Prime are providing noteworthy content and it might be the time these illogical soap operas are shown the exit door 🙂


In today’s content oriented approach where people now focus on quality, Indian televisions are still focused on how to increase their TRP rather than paying any heed as to improve the content on their shows. The writers and creative editors are more pushed to create illogical content that would fetch TRP. Indian televisions often sideline great content in exchange for higher channel ratings. Daily soap shows airing on Sony, Star plus, Zee tv, Colors are living proofs. 

But with advancement of Netlflix and its web series of all genres, content is pushing its way up the ladder. People are now becoming inclined towards great content with less exageration and more realistic plots. Indian TV would soon need to revamp their ideologies of greater TRP rather than greater content. 


I truly believe that Indian t.v. shows are now focusing more on grabbing the eyeballs than winning the hearts. The creators are well aware of the demands and likes of their audience and so to step up the ladder of competition, they are exploiting it well. We see shows which deal with emotions, family drama, anger issues, impulsive behavior, etc because their makers know that this content would get them more attention. They heavily rely on set pattern of achieving success and this is why, the quality has been compromised. Nowhere, quality content is available. The people are unwilling to experiment and come up with novel ideas. And hence, TRP is on a rise but content is falling. 


Yes, not only Indian television but also foreign ones work for trp because more trp means more money. For this the repeat cliches again and again. 

The popular ones are

1. Hero winning again 10-12 gundas. And them not using teamwork.

2. Incision of heroine (eye candy) who is only meant for romance 

3. Hero saving the heroine

4. Item songs which don’t add to the plot.


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