Is money matter in …

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Is money matter in love ??  



Is money matter in love ??

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As we can say in some cases Money is a neccesary evil. But no Money matters in everything. As we know our parents will always love us but if they dont have enough money will we be available to love them back and the honest question is “No” unless and until we get to know about their struggle.

Financial status does not define Love but still financial stability defines the lives of the people. Love is always unconditional and will be for eternity but Modern day love has some demands and requirement. If money does not matter then why are we all working up our asses to get a good job. Money and love and life all are interdependent. 

True but still I think there are some people out there who love you unconditionally


Money is something that everyone needs and it also matters everywhere, if you want to eat something than you need money, if you want to go somewhere than you need money, there is nothing that you can do without money. But i think money does not and should not matter in love because love is something that we do from our heart not by looking that whether the person we love has money or not. Love should always be pure, if money comes between love that it is not love it is just for the sake of using one’s money.


Yes money matters everywhere is life… be it food, cloth and house. If you have money than only you can take good care of your love. You can make them happy .


Money matters everywhere but in Love, in my point of view I don’t think money matters love is a beautiful thing it should be filled with affection, care, love, anger, fun etc..etc.. When any one of them plans for an outing but there is no money to spend he/she should understand the situations and have a good understanding between them in that situation. For the money, we should not love.



I am going to have disagree. While I agree that financial clarity and the sharing of responsibility is crucial, and almost every point you made is valid and well-articulated, you said it yourself – “Anytime you do something just for the money you are going to feel empty and unsatisfied.”

I understand that the stance that money is more important is probably to draw in readers, but it’s still wrong. Love is most important in a relationship because love makes it a relationship, not a business deal. If not for love, we wouldn’t have a want to support our partners, to care for them besides our own gains. Love is, and always will be, the most important part of any relationship.


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