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[Solved] What were some of your favourite cartoons during your childhood?  



What were some of your favourite cartoons while growing up?Do you like today’s cartoons better or you have a soft spot for cartoons from your childhood?

I am 90s kid so I liked many good cartoons of those times and todays cartoons are quit boring.
My favorites were
1) Dragon ball Z
2) mowgli
3) tom n Jerry
and many more but this is for sure that i am not fan of shit cartoons like Ninja hatori and Doremon.

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1. Tom & Jerry

2. Barbie

3. Micky mouse



Everyone loves their own time and the way they spent it. Since, it was part of beautiful past. I happen to love many cartoons run during my childhood days. These are the following:-

“Tom and Jerry”, the ultimate show,” Scoobie Do”,” Noody”, “Ninja”, “Richie Rich”, “Bob the Builder”,”Dinosaur”, Aladdin ka Chirag”, “Panchatantra”, “Meena”. I have read many tales in my childhood and show animated movies like Cindrella, Moglie, Snow White, stories from life of Jesus.

Where at times when I sit with my young nephew, he loves “Chota Bhim”, “Oogy and the Cockroaches”, “Shaun the Sheep”, and what not. They are beautiful too.

1. Duck Tales

2. Mowgly

3. Talespin

4. Tom & Jerry

5. Flinstone

6. Adam’s Family

7. Swat Cats

8. Powerpuff Girls

9. Captain Planet

10. Looney Toones

11. Jetkins

12. Pokemon

13. Johny Bravo

14. Courage the Cowardly Dog


My favourite cartoon has always been Tom and Jerry. When it comes on TV, nothing matters to me. It is a wave of old memories engulfing me!


1. Tom and Jerry (still watch it)
2. Loony Toons (They should bring it back)
3. Oswald 
4. Pingu
5. Powerpuff girls
6. Phineas and Ferb 
7. Pokemon
8. Beyblade (Bring. it. back.)


I spent my whole childhood watching cartoons and playing outdoor games a lot with my friends. Those were the most beautiful days of our life. And no one can even argue on that! How ever, talking about cartoons, a lot of characters come into my mind. I am listing them as my preferences. Your preferences may be different, I have complete respect for it: 

1. Tom and Jerry

2. Pokemon

3. Bey-blade

5. Scooby Doo

6. Mr. bean

7. The Looney Tunes Show

8. Doraemon

9. Shinchan

10. Ben 10.


Please also let us know your favourites in comment section!


Tom and Jerry has been and always will be ultimate show. I remember waking up early just to catch this cartoon on television. I also used to watch a lot of Top Cat. The characters were simply amazing. Oswald, Popeye, Pokemon, Looney Tunes, Johnny Bravo, Flintstones and Scooby Doo are a few other cartoon that I used to regularly watch and enjoy..!


What to say abou those golden days . Those are unforgettable .

In my  childhood I loved to watch 

(1) Tom and Jerry ( bestest one )

(2) Doraemon 

(3) Shinchan 

(4) Gilly – Gilly Sim – Sim

(5) Mickey Mouse : The club House

(6) Richie Rich

(7) Scooby Dooby Dooo


I am a 90’s kid and I guess the cartoons at that time were the best and they can’t be compared with the present cartoons. Some of my most favorites are:


Tom and Jerry

Richie Rich

Looney Toons 




Powerpuff Girls 

Dexter Laboratory

Even now, I watch the repeat telecast of these shows at night around 1 am. ‘Tom and Jerry’ is just evergreen and it is such a lovely show, one can’t stop watching it. Nowadays the shows are dubbed and the language used is awful. I wish all the 90’s cartoon could start back again.



1.Dragon Ball Z


3.Chhota Bheem

4.Tom and Jerry



The cartoons which ruled the television of a 90’s kid were much less disturbing than the onces which are now running. Mostly because of the language used or because of their addictiveness.

My favourite ones are:-

1.) Tom and jerry.

2.) Richie Rich.

3.) Powerpuff girls 

4.) Ed, edd and eddie.

5.) Johnny bravo.

6.) Courage the cowardly dog.

7.) Mickey mouse.

8.) Ducktales.

9.) Flinstones.

10.) The jetsons.

Divyanshi Gaur


There are many 

  1. Tom and Jerry
  2. Shawn the sheep
  3. Richie rich
  4. Oswald
  5. Noddy
  6. Looney Toons
  7. Popeye
  8. Teenage mutant ninja turtles

and many more. Today’s cartoons have lost charm like it used to have at that time. Only happiness was watching your favorite cartoon show.


My all time favourite cartoon is Tom & Jerry


I am a 90s kid and there are so many amazing shows to watch back then.

  • tom and jerry
  • dexter laboratory
  • noddy
  • Richie rich
  • powerpuff girls
  • scooby do
  • oswald


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