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Why do people like shin Chan so much?  




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Character with smiling face and happiest child that make others to laugh more ,some can love through this and stunning character.Basically children are inevitable. Smile ,cuteness and everything they do.This is the most thing people love to have .

Looking into the positives!


Because shinchan is that ideal kid. Naughty and lovely.



Even my 22yr old brother still loves binge watching Shinchan.

so amusing!

He doesn’t care what anyone says about him. If someone calls him ill-mannered, he’ll still smile and say ab meri itni bhi tareef mat kro (Don’t praise me that much). Everything is good for him and he wants everyone to eat capsicum but not him. The thing I like most about him is that he is always himself. 
He can never see anyone sad even if he creates a mess, he is always a wellwisher. He is carefree and thinks that if anyone is talking about him then it must be something good.




I simply don’t understand what’s so great in it, I find it totally useless. 

It spoils most of the kids.


People admire things or other people that resemble themselves, and can connect themselves. Shows become popular when people find them relatable. Shinchan is such a cartoon, that every child can relate to, let alone the comedy.


Because shin chan is kinda cute and does funny things 


Because of shin chan’s cuteness and its comedy…


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