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Can you list the top three songs that means a lot to you?  



Would love to know why ūüôā


Good question.

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I love the song

baba me teri mallika tukda hu tere dil ka

Hum honge kaamyaaab ek din man me hai viswaas poora hai viswaas

Apna time aayega 



1. Fix you by Coldplay

2. Come thru by Jeremy Zucker

3. Demons by Imagine Dragons.


Mere mehboob tujhe mere muhabbat ki kasam – Film Mere Mehboob

Wouldn’t you agree baby you and me have a groovy kind of love- Phil Colins

Chaman ke phool bhi tujhko gulab kahte hai , humi nahi hai sabhi lajawab kahte hai- Film Shikari




The recent top three songs favourite of mine are 

1. Kar har maidan fateh

2. Dekhte dekhte

3. Naina ashq na ho


Top three songs that I love the most are Give yourself a try, Sham, and Falling for you.


Top 3 songs in my playlist are :

1. Baarish lete aana by Darshan Raval 

2. Jo tu na mila by Asim Azhar

3. Mera Ishq by Arijit Singh and Ash king 


Even though I love the new english pops.¬† But I’m a total “sucker” For retro hindi jams. The masterpiece “lag ja gale” Is very close to my heart. But “dilbar mere”is the song on which my life depends on. And the most beautiful punjabi track of ” Awaz” And “gallan pyar diyan” Just means a lot to me. Well,¬† obviously a Diljit Dosanjh fan. Right from his “pyaar” And “raat di gedi” Phase


  1. Teri mitti.
  2. Duniyaa.
  3. Ve Maahi.

These are the three of the songs so close to me :-

1. Tu jaane na by Atif Aslam. The connection with the song is mainly because it reaonated with my situation during my high school days. Moreover the sufi touch to it makes the song completely rejuvenating. 

2. Ikk kudi (udta panjab) Never know why it happens all the time that I come across a random song, love it instantly and finally find that it is produced or sung by Amit Trivedi. The magic he creates with his music is truly commendable. 

3. Jaan’nisaar by Arijit singh. No specific reasons. I just love this song ❤️¬†


1. ‘How to Save a Life’ by The Fray:¬†

This is that one song that will stay with me forever. If you see the music video, you’ll know why. This song has helped me get through one of the darkest phases of my life. I was intensely bullied back in school. I have been through a lot of things. A time came where I just couldn’t take it, anymore. I was frustrated. I’d literally lock myself up inside of my room and listen to this song, on loop. I have a weird kind of emotional attachment with this song.

2. ‘Bhindeshi Tara’ by Chondrobindu:

For those of you who do not speak Bengali, ‘bhindeshi tara’ means a star from an unknown country, or an exotic star. This song has a huge significance in my life. Back then CD players weren’t available. And, baba had brought for me the cassette of this album, ‘Chaw’. ‘Bhindeshi Tara’ is a song from this album. This is one of those songs that has stayed with me, till date. I still play this song sometimes, and my childhood would just whizz past my eyes.¬†

3. ‘Suzanne’ by Leonard Cohen:

I got introduced to Cohen one day when I was going through some random playlist on most probably Wynk. Back then, Spotify wasn’t in India, and Wynk was, and still is, really popular. This song is not just a song. It’s poetry on fire. You’ll know why I am saying this, once you listen to the song. You need to close your eyes, and feel every word. Even one of my professors, during his lectures, had used this song because of its therapeutic nature. I highly recommend the entire discography of Cohen.¬†



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