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Do you too listen to a sing repeatedly and get bored of it?  



Repeated songs hamper the mindset. How many of you feel it? 


6 Answers

Look i use to listen a song , in an repeat mode and never get bored of listening it , we usually listen songs on a repeat mode when we found them kinda relating what actaully going in our lives , so we start feeling it beats , lyrics and everything and dont get bored . 

Yeah, but doesn’t it get irritating after a point of time? Like don’t you get saturated? Its not like, you discard the song from your playlist but you stop listening for a while. 

Its not about getting irrirated its all about how You take that song.. what are you continuously thinking what actually you are feeling !! And once you are over it , you yourself change onto another track.


Yes it’s like just eating same food continuously . You get bored if you get to eat sweets all day right or just food full spicy .Thats same for a song ,actually it’s all about our mind about, mind get bored if you stuck over a single thing it wants change aftera regular intervals of time so just a single song a day its annoying.

Totally agreed man. 


Yes, I do listen to my favourite songs quite a lot of times. I think it’s a human tendency to do something that you like repeatedly.  


yes ,whenever I heard anysong  that i really liked it , i tend to listen it in a loop and this happens for 2 or 3 days but after that i get bored and stop listening that song but after somedays when i heard that song again I get the refreshing feel of listening to old song which I liked once . i dont know it happens to me or some body else .


No, I don’t get bored of a song when I listen to it repeatedly because if I’m listening to a song again and again, there has to be a solid reason but I do get bored or annoyed if someone close to me listens to a particular song on repeat.


I don’t listen to songs repeatedly but my sister does which makes me hate them at the end of the day. 


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