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Shirley Setia is overrated.. agreed or not?  



I really feel that she is just a pretty face with a sweet voice, but, she does not sing that well as compared to the importance that she is getting. Look at artists like Vidya Fox etc

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I agree that Shirley Setia is over-rated. Most of her songs are autotuned and she sings low-pitched songs. She has a pretty face which works to her advantage to throw her songs in the limelight. Personally, I feel her persona and looks had given her songs a boost.

Whereas singers like Vidya Vox have a truly magical voice which can capture millions of hearts. The way she molds pop music with our desi Bollywood one’s is pure pleasure to listen. 

Amen to that. And Shirley Setia was invited in 2016 at IGDTUW’s fest! She is not even a singer!

Yes, she is not and her sole savior are now her looks. The youtube artists are generally so under-rated, sometimes it hurts to see such talent unacknowledged. 


I agree that Shirley Setia is overrated. She has a pretty face but most of her songs are autotuned whereas artists like Vidya Vox have such a pretty voice. 


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