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What instrument do you want to learn to play/ have learned?  

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I want to learn how to play classical piano


15 Answers

I’d love to learn to play a violin.

Oh me too! 


I know how to play keyboard and flute. I learnt pretty fast. In 3 days I could play 50% of songs.5 days, 75% of songs. In a week I could play any song you like if you if I heard it once.

I want to learn fingerstyle guitar. I really like hearing fingerstyle.

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That’s a really great thing. Marvellous! 

Wow you’re a fast learner 


I would love to learn guitar. Its so passionate. 

It is!


I want to learn Sitar someday. I’m a guitarist, Keyboardist & still I’m learning everyday from everywhere.        

That’s amazing!


You’re a talented person. 


I want to learn keyboard so that I can play in the church and family functions. I will be taking piano lessons soon from the month of June. Very excited and happy to start learning some instrument. 


Oh wow that’s super cool! Hope you enjoy the lessons



Rare choice! Nice


I have always wanted to learn to play a guitar . They symbolise something cool and there are many kinds of guitar . I always wanted to learn the electronic guitar because they are cool to hold and see and also they produce an intriguing sound . Also heard guitar makes you popular in school haha. SO if I were to learn a music instrument it would be the guitar .

Haha yes, guitars are amazing. Although somehow I like acoustic guitars more than electric guitars.


I really want to learn guitar and I am dedicated to start my classes soon. 

Hope you start soon and enjoy


I used to play guitar in schooldays .Now I wish to buy an Ukulele and learn that as well

That’s amazing


I play guitar and I’ll probably pick ukulele later this year.



I want to learn Guitar and Piano both.


I play piano and keyboards.I would like to learn Violin and Harp if i get an opportunity.

Harp! Noice


i know how to play harmonium, guitar, keyboard. I wanna learn ukelele its so cute and i would love to learn it and use it for my music covers as background. One can carry it wherever they want. Its so easy peasy.

Haha yes, hope you do!


I’ve always wanted to learn to play the ukulele. I’m not a very musical person, but I love music, and I’ve heard ukulele is really easy to learn, so I would love to give it a try.

Oh yes, you should definitely try it!

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