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What is your favourite musical instrument?  



Mine is the piano but I don’t know how to play it.

Me too.

8 Answers

I love the flute. Particularly the Indian bamboo flute. It sounds beautiful.


There are a lot of instrument which are my favourite. though if I have to choose, I’ll choose Esraj.        

what’s that?


Guitar.which make to feel good and love to hear.

it must be fun.

The music instrument I like the most is guitar. It is an emotion to know how to play a guitar along with singing. 


Mine is the keyboard, I took it up as a subject and know how to play some songs too.

even mine.


I love to play the piano.


My favorite musical instrument is guitar. Its an emotion to know how to play guitar along with being able to sing. 🙂


My favourite musical instrument is drum set. I like the combination of different beats which we create on them. I like guitar also but drums are my favourite. 


My favourite instrument is violin.


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