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[Solved] Which is your all-time favourite song?  



Which is your all-time favourite song?

3 Answers

I don have one All Time Favourite Song. I have many All Time Favourite Songs :

1. Chand Taare Tod Laun

2. The Final Countdown

3. Zinda

4. Phir Mohabbat

5. One More Night

6. Tera Ghata

7. Kuch to log kehenge logon ka karma hey kehna

8. Ye zindagi gale laga le

9. What goes around

10. All Iss Well



I have listened to it and it is one of my favourite songs..! The lyrics are so unusual and yet, the song makes sense on so many level. The Eagles were legendary.


My immortal by Evanescence is my all time favorite song. Just listening to that song makes me to break into sobs. The song is so good and sad. It is kind of sad meets beautiful.


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